Faculty Senate

Meeting Information

General Meeting Patterns

Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC)

Meetings of the FSEC are held 2-3:15pm on Tuesdays when classes are in session but the FS is not meeting. For an item to be considered on the next Faculty Senate agenda, it must be submitted to the FS Chair by the Monday prior to the FSEC meeting when the next FS agenda will be approved (see below). The FSEC also occasionally meets in the summer, if needed.

Faculty Senate (FS)

Meetings of the Faculty Senate are held 2-3:15pm on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month when classes are in session. Meetings are held in UC 259. All faculty – as well as the broader public – are invited to attend. (See the meeting archive for last approved schedule.)

All Faculty Meetings (AllFac)

According to Article V Section 1 of the Faculty Constitution, "Regular meetings of the Faculty shall be held early each fall semester and during the first ten weeks of each spring semester." In practice, All Faculty Meetings are usually held 3:30-5pm on the third Tuesdays of October and March. Special meetings of the Faculty may be called only when classes are in session during a fall or spring semester. A special meeting shall be called by the Chancellor: (a) at the request of any faculty committee; (b) at the request of the Faculty Senate; or (c) by petition in accordance with the Faculty Constitution.

Current Year Meeting Dates

Meeting Archive

Meeting documents (agendas, minutes, & action items) for each meeting of the Faculty Senate are archived and available to the campus community.