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Financial Futures

So what can you do with your Finance degree? Are you wanting to make connections with faculty, staff, and other finance majors? Then the Financial Futures learning community is for you!

This learning community creates opportunities for first-year students to develop an understanding of Finance, including what the main areas of finance are, essential skills needed to work in finance, and the types of job opportunities. This learning community intends to break the stereotype that finance is all about math and making money. Socially Responsible Investment and Financial Literacy are some of the topics that will be introduced to students. The Department of Finance and Business Law Chairperson will be the Coordinator of this learning community. First-year students will be able to establish personal connections with alumni, potential employers, juniors and seniors majoring in finance, and faculty and staff in the department.

Who can I live with if I join this Learning Community?

  • You can live with anyone in a Learning Community living in Knilans Hall (please see our FAQ page for a complete listing of those LCs in Knilans Hall)

Available For:

  • Finance majors


  • Knilans Hall

Learning Community Coordinator

Linda Yu


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