H-Options FAQs

An H-Option is a formal contract between an Honors student and professor, which allows the student to receive honors credit in a course that does not have an honors designation. The H-Option requires the student to work with the professor to design and implement an honors curriculum that goes above and beyond the regular course requirements. Students will receive honors credits upon completion of the H-Option.

H-Options should be used only when the course in question is not a designated Honors Course. Honors students can choose to convert any course into an Honors course.

Yes, go here for the Guidelines for H-Option Projects.

There are two separate H-Option Forms: Forms 1 and 2 for 100/200-level courses and Forms 1 and 2 for 300/400-level courses. All H-Option Forms are available here.

The H-Options contract itself must be signed by the student and his/her professor at the beginning and end of the semester. The program director will review each H-Option and approve or reject the contract.

Students should submit their H-Option contracts directly to the University Honors Program Office, McCutchan Lower Level.

Students must receive at least a B in a course in which an H-Option is undertaken in order to earn Honors Credits.

H-Options are available during the Summer and Winterim sessions and are approved on a case by case basis by the director. There are separate H-Option Forms for Summer and Winterim. See the UHP forms here.

For Fall and Spring semesters, students typically submit Form 1 of their H-Option Contract to the UHP by Week 6 of classes and Form 2 to the UHP by Week 15 of classes. See the Timeline for H-Option Projects.

The UHP collects descriptions of model H-Option Projects to provide students with ideas for their own projects. However, please keep in mind that while one instructor agreed to a particular project, another instructor may not. Determining what makes a project an "H-Option" is always up to the discretion of the instructor. To read descriptions, click on the following:  Sample H-Option Projects for 100/200 Courses , and Sample H-Option Projects for 300/400 Courses.

  • Honors students who created compelling H-Option Projects are encouraged to convert their projects into presentations at the Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council Conference, held every spring. For more information, contact the UHP office at honors@uww.edu.
  • Expand on your H-Option Project and use it as the kernel for a research project with the Undergraduate Research Program.