University Honors Program (UHP)
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An H-Option Project allows a student to convert credit in a regular course (not a course or section already designated as honors) into Honors credits.  The number of Honors credits earned is determined by the number of credits that the course is worth.  For example, successful completion of an H-Option Project in a 4-credit course would allow a student to receive 4 Honors credits in that course.   The only other requirement for a student to earn the Honors credits in the course would be that they earn at least a B (not a B-) in the course.

To access the H-Option forms please click the button on the top left titled "Log In to H-Options Application".

To access the online H-Option tutorial please click the button on the middle left titled "Watch Student Tutorial".

To access the instructor H-Option tutorial please click the button on the bottom left titled "Instructor Tutorial (PDF)".   

2020 Spring Semester Due Dates:

Monday, February 25th, 2020: H-Option Form 1 is due by 4:00PM

Monday, May 4th, 2020: H-Option Form 2 is due by 4:00PM