University Honors Program (UHP)
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Honors Scholarships


The University Honors Program is proud to sponsor several scholarships/awards for eligible Honors students. The number of scholarships available each year may vary depending on budgetary restrictions. In 2015-16, a total of nineteen UHP scholarships/awards—ranging from $500 to $1000—were awarded. All eligible UHP members are encouraged to apply.

For scholarship descriptions and applications, please visit the "Scholarships" section of the Honors Forms webpage. In general, the University Honors Program usually awards six major scholarships each academic year. The Exemplary Student Awards recognize sophomore, junior, and senior students who have contributed their time, effort, and knowledge to the University Honors Program. The Olsen & Fritschler Awards recognize students entering their senior year, and allow for students who have been active members of the program to be recognized for all their hard work. Finally, the Travel Study/Study Abroad Award allows for Honors Program students to better finance their experiential learning outside of the University through the Office of Global Experiences.

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