Strategic Plan

2022-2023 Planning Process

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has gone through an unprecedented period of change over the past five-years. During this time, the Warhawk community worked tirelessly to address the needs of our students, staff, and community stakeholders. The current Strategic Plan will expire in 2022, and it seems a fitting time to explore the future goals of our institution. Over the next year, we will gather information and use what we have learned to create a 2023-2028 Strategic Plan.

The work has just begun, and is being led by the Strategic Planning Co-Chairs: Matt Winden (Associate Professor in Economics) and Katy Casey (Director of Academic Assessment). The chairs will facilitate the planning process and work with the expert teams who will draft goals, actions, and implementation plans. This website will be updated regularly as the work evolves.


Summer 2022

Review Strategic Plan 2017-2022 outcomes

Review Strategic Plans across units

Arrange listening sessions

Fall 2022

Hold listening sessions

Compile and review information collected to identify themes

Seek campus leadership and stakeholder feedback on themes

Identify expert teams to lead thematic groups

Winter/Spring 2023

Expert teams will use themes to draft goals

Seek campus leadership and stakeholder feedback

Create action items

Summer 2023

Launch Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Create implementation plan

Market plan

Planning Resources