Academic Coaching

Are your grades not what you hoped for?  Do you spend a great deal of time studying, but all that work is not paying off?  Do you want to work with someone who can give you the attention you need to develop a plan to turn things around?

Our Academic Coaches are here to help you learn how to succeed in college and overcome barriers to success. Academic Coaches work in partnership with a client to assess both strengths and needs to aid in the development of a personalized academic plan for success. Academic coaching can be defined as the one-on-one process of helping a student examine academic concerns and perceived barriers to success. This can include academic support in areas such as organizational skills, study habits, time management, procrastination, test preparation, note-taking, active reading strategies, and more, all leading to the reduction of academic stress.

Academic Coaches differ from our typical tutoring support in that our coaches are here to aid in your scholarly success broadly rather than in the context of a specific course. Academic coaches assist you in meeting your goals and empower you toward positive behavior change and academic confidence. To do this, over the course of three to four appointments, coaches provide you with questions, observations, feedback, encouragement, support, and accountability.

Academic Coaching is an excellent option for those looking to improve their academic habits, increase their enjoyment of learning, achieve better work/life balance, and more, and it’s available for any level of student, from incoming first-year students to those at a graduate level.

When you submit a request, the tutor will reach out to you to schedule a minimum of two appointments: an initial meeting and a follow-up meeting roughly 2 weeks later. In the initial meeting, you and your tutor will go over your concerns and develop an actionable plan for addressing them. In the second, you and the tutor will assess your progress and schedule future appointments as needed. Sign up today to get started!

No-Show Policy

Our "No-Show" policy is that after one missed appointment without canceling in advance, a "No Show" warning is issued, and after three such warnings, you may be prohibited from scheduling further appointments for the current term, at the discretion of the individual tutor. Sessions may be canceled up to one hour prior to the scheduled session. Students who do not cancel in time and fail to appear for a session will be counted as a "No-Show." We have this policy to try to ensure that all students needing help can be served. When canceling a session, please contact both the tutor and Campus Tutorial Services' main office at tutorctr@uww.edu.

Academic Coaches for the Spring 2024 Semester:

   Dane Crouse

Hello! My name is Dane. I am a graduate student here at UW-Whitewater, and I majored in Psychology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I've been a writing tutor since Fall 2019 and have helped many students improve their writing, organization, time/stress management, and many other things. I hope to see you soon at the Chrisman Success Center! 

   Joseph Hanlon

Hi! My name is Joseph and I am a graduate student here at UW-Whitewater in the School Psychology Program. For my undergraduate degree, I attended St. Norbert College and majored in English Education. During my time at St. Norbert, I served as an Academic Coach where I helped students with organizational skills, study skills, time management, and stress management. I look forward to working with you!

   Jesse Hurst

Hello! My name is Jesse Hurst and I am a senior majoring in History with the goal of eventually teaching at the college level. I love talking about history on any topic but if you get me started on ancient Greece or Rome I will go on for hours, so be warned! In my spare time I love hanging out with my kids or playing video games, because I’m not just a history nerd, I’m a regular nerd, too. At the tutoring center, I have worked as a Supplementary Instructor, In-Class Tutor, and in the office.

   Hailey Meyer

Hi! My name is Hailey, and I'm an English Literature major with a Spanish minor. I have worked with students in UW-Whitewater's Developmental Education program since the summer of 2022. In this role, I have aided students in the development of their academic skills, such as studying, stress management, writing, organization, and more. I hope to meet with you soon in order to maximize your scholarly potential!


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