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About Campus Tutorial Services

Campus Tutorial Services is a complimentary FREE service designed to facilitate the learning experience for students while at the same time enhancing the content knowledge/pedagogy of the tutors.

  • "Complimentary" means the client utilizes our services in addition to working closely with faculty.

  • "Facilitate" means tutors facilitate the client's active learning of content, as opposed to passive direct instruction.

CRLA Certification

  CRLA International Tutor Training Program Certification  CRLA Peer Educator Training Program Tutor Training Program Certification

Campus Tutorial Services, both as a program and its tutors, has been awarded International Tutor Training Certification by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), a nationwide professional association made up of learning support programs at colleges and universities. This certification sets professional standards of skill, training, and evaluation for our tutors, and provides recognition and positive reinforcement for our tutors' successful work. Training consists of three levels: Level 1 (Certified), Level 2 (Advanced), and Level 3 (Master). New tutors must complete our Level 1 training. Once they complete 25 hours of tutoring, they are eligible to complete the Level 2 training. After they finish 25 more hours of tutoring as a Level 2 tutor, they are eligible to complete our Level 3 training. After the completion of each training, tutors receive a pay increase. Learn more about the CRLA and this certification.

Campus Tutorial Services has also been awarded the International Peer Educator Training Program Certification (IPTPC) by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The certification sets standards and guidelines for the minimum skills and training peer educators need to be successful, and also inspires peer educator trainers to go beyond minimum standards to create training programs that challenge peer educators to the highest level of expertise they can achieve. Moreover, certified training programs offer campus recognition and rewards for peer educators' successful work by certifying peer educators trained to the standards of CRLA's International Peer Educator Training Program Certification.

Finally, IPTPC communicates validity to critics, prestige among colleagues, and credibility to administrators and other institutional stakeholders. The certification criteria provided by CRLA's IPTPC can be used to develop a new program of peer educator training, revise an existing program, or expand a program into new areas of perceived need. As with tutor certification, IPTPC is a "living" program: criteria are reviewed annually in light of professional input and new learning in the field. 

Who We Serve

Our focus is primarily on offering support for level 100 and 200 courses with high rates of failure and/or a significant demand for tutorial assistance, thereby increasing the retention of freshmen and sophomores so they can make it to their "major" classes.  However, we do offer tutoring for upper level & graduate classes, as demand dictates.

Requesting Tours & In-Class Visits

If you would like to request a tour of the Mary Poppe Chrisman Success Center, the home of Campus Tutorial Services, or if you would like one of our staff members to visit your class to talk about our tutoring services, please click from the following:

Following that, a staff member will reach out within 24 hours to finalize the details.

Encourage Your Students To Visit Our Website

Instructor recommendation is one of the best ways students learn about our FREE services.  Consider including our website in your syllabus or Canvas announcement.

Making Appointments

We are proud to offer virtual and in-person tutoring sessions for students. To schedule a tutoring appointment via Navigate, clients view the list of Subject Areas including tutors for each on the tutoring main webpage. If clients have additional questions, they can email the tutor directly (be sure to C/C tutorctr@uww.edu). View instructions on how to use Navigate to schedule appointments.

Proof of Visit

Student can access their post-session reports in Navigate as proof of attendance. We can also email instructors appointment verification at a student’s request. Some courses and departments make special arrangements to require students to use Campus Tutorial Services. If you would like to make such arrangements, please contact us at tutorctr@uww.edu.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplementary Instruction is when a tutor is assigned to a course with a professor, and they hold weekly hour-long tutoring sessions outside of class time for all students in that section. Learn more about supplementary instruction.

Requesting a Tutor or SI Leader for Your Class

Are you an instructor looking for a tutor or SI Leader to connect to your class?  Do you know someone who you think would be a good tutor?  Recommend a tutor here to start the process. More information about the hiring and training process can be found by visiting our Employment page located in the top banner. While it is best to make SI requests in the middle of the semester that precedes the semester when SI would be provided, requests can be made at any time. 


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