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100% of participants from 2006-2022 recommend the experience!

This 3-day program held August 28-31, 2024 is aimed at first-year students who expressed an interest in getting involved and succeeding on campus. The program focuses on providing knowledge and experiences that will assist first-year students adapt to become successful Warhawks!

ULEAD's key components are learning opportunities about ethical leadership, connecting with others, and involvement plan and learning more about our campus and community. The participants also engage in a community service project.

The cost of the program is $70, which includes all meals, move-in fees, and program costs. There are scholarships available if needed (email ulead@uww.edu for consideration).

Apply today for the 2024 ULEAD program!

Participating in the ULEAD program allows first-year students to adjust to moving to campus, get familiar with various campus resources, meet other Warhawks, and develop a plan for success for their first year. ULEAD allows students to find involvement opportunities early on in their academic career which will allow them to develop leadership skills they can utilize throughout their time at UWW.

It costs $70 to attend the three-day program, which includes all meals, move-in fees, and program costs.

Apply today for the 2024 ULEAD program!

Scheduled Events:

  • Tips from current Warhawks
  • Learn your way around campus
  • Involvement & classroom success plans
  • Panel discussions with faculty & staff
  • Leadership skill development
  • Settle-in time
  • Meals together & more!

ULEADers are ULEAD program graduates dedicated to helping new ULEAD members transition seamlessly into college life. After each participant has graduated from the ULEAD program, they are eligible to apply to be a ULEADer for the years following while they are a UW-Whitewater student.

Find out more about becoming a ULEADer by calling (262) 472-1471 or emailing ULEAD@uww.edu.

"ULEAD was an amazing opportunity for me to get to know people and feel more comfortable on campus before my first semester of college even began. I gained a lot of knowledge and experiences from this program. It helped me get out of my shell and get more involved."

- Ashley, ULEAD participant

"ULEAD helped me instantly find a group of friends some of which I still talk to frequently and has helped me develop in more ways as a student, professional, and person."

- Laura, ULEAD participant

"I have looked back on my ULEAD experience as a launchpad lifting me to an amazing first year here. I found it much easier to adjust to my new school after getting to know peers & tour the campus with my leaders. Many people I met through ULEAD are now my closest friends, & ULEAD helped me get excited about being involved with the countless activities UWW has to offer. To look back & see I have done so much at UWW, knowing ULEAD was the first step in the way, I can’t thank ULEAD enough for their warm welcome to new students like me."

- Solomon, ULEAD participant

"ULEAD made a massive impact on my first year out of high school. I came into college thinking I would just get through it and go off to work, but ULEAD showed me how amazing college can be and how awesome the people at Whitewater are. ULEAD taught me so much that many of the other first-year students thought I was a junior or senior. ULEAD also gave me a ton of confidence that turned into many friendships that I would have never had otherwise."

- Luke, ULEAD participant

"ULEAD introduced me to some of my best friends on campus and introduced me to all of the organizations I'm involved in! I'm so happy I decided to apply and I know my college experience would not be the same without it."

- Julia, ULEAD participant

Benefits of the Program

• Meet other new Warhawks

• Move-in early

• Learn how the campus works

• Develop a first-year success plan

• Develop yourself as a leader

• Receive career and life skill training


Check out the current ULEAD flyer.


(262) 472-6217