James R. Connor University Center

Warhawk Connection Center

Our Mission

The Warhawk Connection Center's (WCC)  goal is to strive to enhance an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of diversity in our contemporary society.

Our Purpose

Through programming and collaborations within and across identity boundaries, the Warhawk Connection Center (WCC) serves as a diversity resource for and provides outreach to all students, faculty, and staff. As part of UC - Student Activities & Involvement, the Center educates individuals and fosters a sense of community through campus-wide events, displays, and student involvement opportunities, while supporting the initiatives of others engaged in diversity education.


“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow  confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The WCC staff plans and collaborates on several programs a semester aimed at furthering the mission of the Center. Some events inlude:

  • Cultural Heritage Programs:  These events are held to promote cultural inclusion and understanding by effectively and respectfully informing, educating, and identifying cultures and resources for our students and staff on campus.
  • Fireside Chats:  The purpose of these panel-based discussion events are to provide an opportunity to informally discuss topics facing our community in a productive way.
  • Professional Development Programs: Events of this type are meant to help students gain more complete and comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to succeed not only at the college level but in their respective careers. These events are focused on providing students with tools that will foster student success at a higher level.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Programs: These events are used to help promote diversity and inclusion to all students, faculty, and staff. Events such as these are used to help foster a deeper respect and understanding of the unique needs, perspectives, and potential sentiments of all members of our Warhawk community.

Collaborate with us! Email WCC@uww.edu.

Find the event listings here:

The WCC can be found at UC 128 and is a great space to learn, relax and study with a variety of tables/chairs and soft furniture. 

Student Org Supplies-- Butcher block paper, Helium and poster making supplies free of charge are also available.

Use of Space -- depending on the event the WCC could be the perfect place! 

WCC Reservation Policy and Requirements (Covid Edition)

Please contact the WCC at wcc@uww.edu with questions.

The WCC is staffed by Career & Leadership Development (CLD) Interns as well as a Program Coordinator. They work collaboratively to provide a welcoming inclusive space, services and programs aimed at meeting the WCC's mission. More information about working for CLD can be found here.

Program Coordinator: Aaron Broadwater 

The Connection Student Council (CSC) serves as advisory board connecting CLD/WCC to Resident Org and campus needs. They are advised by the WCC's Program Coordinator, Aaron Broadwater. Contact via wcc@uww.edu.

The Warhawk Connection Center is one of the Community Centers on campus.

The following student groups have space there:

 Name  Email
 Black Student Union  uwwbsu@uww.edu
 Disability Rights, Education, Activism and Mentoring (DREAM)  dream@uww.edu
 IMPACT  impact@uww.edu
 International Student Association (ISA)  isawhitewater@gmail.com
 Greek Life  hendersotn23@uww.edu
 Latinos Unidos (LU)  latinosunidos304@uww.edu
 Native American Cultural Awareness Association (NACAA)  NACAA@uww.edu
 Non Traditional Pad  SmithLM11@uww.edu
 PB Poorman Pride Center  selvicks@uww.edu
 Southeast Asian Organization (SAO)  SAO@uww.edu
 Whitewater Student Government (WSG)  wsg@uww.edu