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Welcome to Roberta's Art Gallery! The gallery is currently open to the public and is hosting exhibits online and in-person.

Check out our lineup of live events below in the dropdowns, as well as our monthly craft blog, Roberta's Art Gallery's Craft Corner.


  • August 14-September 18
  • Artist: Cate Mahnke
    • "This collection is a snapshot of memories from my native land, and a reflection of my identity, in a new land. In my breadth of work, there is no particular style I fit into—I enjoy being volatile and experimental. As I transitioned into graphic design the past few years, I was able fuel my inspirations digitally. It became clear to me that “Nostalgia” wasn’t just a roadtrip to the past, but a foundation to my identity. This is my story–an immigrant romanticizing hues of nostalgia, while discovering a new narrative in a new home."

Street Scenes

  • September 28-October 24
  • Artist: Ryan Tuck
  • Virtual Reception: Thursday, October 1 • 5:00 pm • UC Facebook page
    • "Moving and contemplative portraits of city life. We long for respect, empathy and belonging in a society which seems to value these things less and less. I merge my film photography skills in a mixed media format to capture a collage of moments. Currently featuring New York with Chicago, San Francisco & more to come."

All exhibits and receptions are FREE and open to the public.

Attending certain events can earn students class credit.

If you would like to exhibit in Roberta’s Art Gallery, please contact us for a proposal request.

    DIY Cup Cozies Workshop

    • Monday, August 31
    • 7:00 p.m.
    • Facebook Live
    • Free!
    • You only need scissors, a cup/mug, and a sock, sweater, or flannel! Everything can be found in your dorm.

    Bowling Pin Painting Workshop

    • Wednesday, September 16
    • 6:30 p.m.
    • Facebook Live
    • Free!
    • Stop by the gallery to pick up your supply kits on September 16 during gallery hours.

    DIY Dry Erase Boards Workshop

    • Tuesday, October 20
    • 6:30 p.m.
    • Facebook Live
    • Free!
    • Stop by the gallery to pick up your supply kits on October 20 during gallery hours.

    Yarn Hat Ornaments Workshop

    • Monday, November 9
    • 6:30 p.m.
    • Facebook Live
    • Free!
    • Stop by the gallery to pick up your supply kits on November 9 during gallery hours.

    To reserve a supply kit for any of these workshops, fill out this form.

    Gallery Purpose

    To collaborate with campus departments, student organizations and community groups in coordinating and sponsoring exhibits.

    Plan and implement free, hands-on workshops for students, campus, and the community.

    Inspire individuals to explore their creativity and share their stories.

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