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Audit and Review Committee



The Audit & Review Committee reports to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Be responsible for the audit and review of undergraduate academic departments and programs and of academic support programs and activities of the University, in fulfillment of University of Wisconsin System requirements. This responsibility includes:

  1. Establishing and following the cycle, and, scheduling and conducting of the department and program reviews
  2. Developing the format and content requirements for department and program self-studies to be submitted for Audit and Review Committee review
  3. Establishing a rubric (and periodically evaluating and improving its effectiveness) for Audit and Review teams to use in reviewing and reporting on department and program self-study
  4. Appointing Audit and Review teams for conducting each department and program review
  5. Be responsible for the reviewing and reporting on the value and efficacy of the Audit and Review process and results.
  6. Notifying departments and programs of all the above in a timely manner.

To form an Audit and Review team to conduct each specific audit and review, such that:

  1. the team shall consist of at least two elected Audit and Review Committee faculty members,
  2. the elected Audit and Review Committee faculty members shall constitute the majority of each specific audit and review team, and
  3. the specific team may include person(s) from inside or outside the University with expertise in the department or program area.

To make reports of audit and review, each of which shall include discussion of:

  1. the quality of existing activities, staff, facilities and equipment, and budget
  2. the demand and need for the program reviewed
  3. the anticipated future developments which may affect either of these subjects
  4. the recommendations for changes in the program as warranted by the review.

All reports and recommendations of this Committee shall be made for informational purposes to the Faculty Senate, the University Curriculum Committee, the Academic Development Committee, the Faculty Budget Committee, and the Academic Affairs Staff.



16 voting members and 1 non-voting member

Voting members:

  • Three faculty members elected by and from each of the following constituencies:
    • College of Arts and Communication/Library
    • College of Business and Economics
    • College of Education and Professional Studies
    • College of Letters and Sciences
  • One faculty member elected by and from the College of Integrated Studies
  • Three at-large faculty members, who may be from one or more constituencies, elected by all University faculty.

Non-Voting Members:

  • Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or designee

The committee chair will be an elected Audit and Review Committee member and is elected by the committee.



Three year staggered terms. (with 1/3 voted in each year).

-Adopted at All-Faculty Meeting (Extraordinary Session) on 4/2/2019


Current Committee Membership


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