University Committees

Honors Council


  1. To assist with programs currently in operation.
  2. To evaluate current programs on the various levels.
  3. To survey interest among colleges and departments as to types of programs in which they would be interested and on what level they should be offered.
  4. To develop policies that encourage the improvement of instruction through an honors program.
  5. New policies, when appropriate, shall be recommended to the University Curriculum Committee.



10 voting members broken down as follows:

7 Faculty, 1 Administrator, and 2 Students

  • One faculty member elected from and by each constituency:
    • College of Arts and Communication/Library
    • College of Business and Economics
    • College of Education and Professional Studies
    • College of Integrated Studies
    • College of Letters and Sciences
  • Two at-large Faculty Members, elected by all University faculty
  • Director of the Honors Program
  • Two students representating different colleges, as approved by the Honors Conncil

Students on this committee must be part of the University Honors Program, possessing a cumulative grade point average of 3.4, and have at least junior standing (except for the College of Education and Professional Studies and College of Integrated Studies student members who must be of at least sophomore standing).



Two-year staggered terms for elected faculty members and one-year terms for student members.

-Adopted at All-Faculty Meeting 2022-03-15


Current Committee Membership


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