University Committees

Campus Landscape and Planning Committee



  1. To advise and recommend on matters that enhance the aesthetic quality of the Whitewater campus and its usefulness in fulfilling the mission of the University.
  2. To participate in the development and maintenance of a master land use plan, including site location for buildings and other facilities, by advising and making recommendations on alternatives.
  3. To advise on and initiate policy in the areas of building architecture, landscape architecture, and aesthetics.
  4. To advise on overall concepts that guide decisions regarding the appearance of the Whitewater campus. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the committee will seek such expert advice on these matters as is available and necessary.



10 elected or appointed members and 3 ex-officio members

Elected or Appointed Members:

  • One Faculty member elected from and by the faculty of each constituency, excluding the College of Integrated Studies:
    • College of Arts and Communication/Library
    • College of Business and Economics
    • College of Education and Professional Studies
    • College of Letters and Sciences
  • Two at-large faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate
  • One Academic Staff member elected by the Academic Staff Assembly
  • One University Staff selected by the University Staff Council
  • One Student chosen by Whitewater Student Government
  • One Representative of Student Affairs as chosen by the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs

Ex-Officio Members:

  • FP&M Project Coordinator
  • Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs (Administrative Liaison)
  • Grounds Manager



All terms shall be two years, except the student term is one year.

The representatives from Arts & Communication/Library, Business and Economics, Academic Staff, and one of the at-large representatives shall be selected in the spring of each even-numbered year.

The representatives from Education and Professional Studies, Letters and Sciences, Student Affairs, and University Staff, and the other at-large representative shall be selected in the spring of each odd-numbered year.

-Adopted at All-Faculty Meeting (Extraordinary Session) on 4/2/2019


Current Committee Membership


page revised 9/20/2019