Journal ID Prefix Definitions

      Journal ID Prefix Definitions

      When reviewing your online reports through the Shared Financial System WISDM reporting tool, you can drill down from an amount on a report to the detail journals on the general ledger. The journals have several different two character prefixes which represent different types of transactions from different sources. Transactions come into the Shared Financial System general ledger from three different sources: 1) accounts payable module; 2) purchasing module, and; 3) interfaces from other systems. In addition, some transactions are entered directly to the general ledger module. The following is an explanation of each type of journal prefix and its related source.

      Journal Prefix Source Description
      AH Interface AT&T phone charges
      AL GL Module Journal transactions resulting from an allocation process
      AT Interface AT&T calling cards
      AP AP Module Voucher transaction for paying invoices
      BD GL Module Budget transactions
      CB GL Module On line journal transactions for chargebacks
      CR Interface Cash receipts from the Cashier System
      SU Interface Fee Distribution
      FB Interface Fringe Benefit transactions from the UW-System central payroll
      JV GL Module On line journal transactions for transfers, corrections, etc.
      PC Interface Procard transactions for procurement card expenditures
      PO PO Module Purchase Order transactions to order goods and services
      PJ Interface Payroll transactions from the UW-System central payroll
      PY AP Module Payment transactions which generate checks
      ST Interface STS phone charges
      TC Interface Travel Procard Transactions for travel card expenditures
      VP Interface VOIP Phone charges
      WH Interface Warehouse charges
      WS Interface Work orders, stores, and other FP&M Charges
      PT Interface Direct Retros

      In addition the line description which you see on the drill down to the detail journals will contain descriptive information pertaining to the transaction. For example, for PC or procard journals, the line description field will have "Procard biweekly at mm/dd/yy." This indicates that the procard charges in the journal were received and posted for the biweekly period ending on the given calendar date.

      The journal prefixes and the additional descriptive information should make it easier for you to interpret the nature and timing of the underlying detail journals in your online nVision financial WISDM reports.


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