Time is a Saw: Contemporary Chinese Artists

October 13 – November 19 (Crossman Gallery)
Reception: October 13th, 5-7 pm, artists Xiaohong Zhang and Kee-Ho Yuen will be present.

By Shaoqian Zhang, Assistant Professor of Art History, Oklahoma State University

It is a difficult task to convey, within a few paragraphs, the logic and complexity of the artistic expressions and experimentation in contemporary Chinese art. This exhibition displays some of the wide array of artworks, produced by Chinese artists in both the homeland and the diaspora, in various media and genres. Contemporary Chinese art has been shaped by many forces and elements, but most frequently - and strikingly - addresses the most recent fifty years of Chinese history. Many events, during that period, have shaped the course of Chinese artistic development, from the Great Cultural Revolution (1966-76), which restricted artistic and cultural production, to the economic reforms beginning in 1979, which released Chinese artists to engage with Western ideas. Many contemporary Chinese artists, therefore, tend to consider the role which art has played in representing cultural identities, history, memory, trauma and politics. Zhao Zhao, for example, incorporates numerous political elements into his artwork, which express resistance against political control from the Chinese government. Yu Ji, on the other hand, uses art as a tool to represent memory and nostalgia amid the energy and upheaval of urban changes in modern China.

Another prominent characteristic of contemporary Chinese art is its “contemporariness.” We see the enthusiastic embrace of new technologies, experimentation with new media, and novel ways of rendering conventional media. Some Chinese artists excel in the field of new media and video art, while others explore the fluidity of traditional media and take it to new horizons. Xiaohong Zhang, for example, has devoted many years to digital printing and paper-cutting art; Xiaomiao Wang’s specialty is porcelain art: Both of these artists have created very unexpected forms with these time-honored media and motifs. Hongtao Zhou has created a sculpture of a bull’s head with an everyday yet unnoticeable object, leather belts, to encourage the viewer to reconsider humanity’s relationship with animals, trees and Mother Earth. For these Chinese artists, the medium itself, with its history, functionality and production venue, becomes something that can communicate with the viewer both visually and symbolically.

The third important characteristic of contemporary Chinese art has been a re-adoption and re-appreciation of traditional Chinese art. During the Great Cultural Revolution, Communist leaders attempted to destroy the “four old,” and wipe out all traces of China’s ancient culture. But many Chinese artists of the new generation are interested in questions, such as how classical art informs the contemporary world. Zhen Wei’s ink painting, for example, inherits the spirit of traditional Chinese literati ink painting, which is inspired by the philosophy of Daoism and Zen Buddhism. Similarly, Jiaduo Li is practicing landscape painting, the most dominant art form in East Asia for over one thousand years. Nowadays, we can find a very lively calligraphy and ink painting scene in China.

Once we enter this fast-changing field of contemporary Chinese art, we will observe many trajectories, experiments and genres. It is not surprising that contemporary Chinese art is gaining more and more success in terms of market value and academic attention. It will continue to integrate with the global art world, while at same time, offering the Western viewer a more refreshing experience of something uniquely “Chinese.”

Visiting Artist - Arthur Hash

October 16th (Center of the Arts)

Public lecture in CA 2059, 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Brunch & conversation with the artist in CA 2054, 10:30-11:00 a.m.

Workshop with advanced metals in CA 2054, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Re:Visit - UW-W Metals Alumni

October 15th - November 7th (Roberta's Art Gallery)
Reception: October 15th (Roberta's Art Gallery)

The Metals department will host their first alumni exhibition, Re:visit, at the Roberta’s Gallery in the University of Wisconsin—Whitewater University Center, October 15th – Nov. 7th 2014. This show will feature the work of approximately 12 alumni of the UWW Metals program to celebrate their exceptional work as students and as alumni. This exhibition will be alongside an exhibition that features the collaborative work of the current UWW Metals students and the students from Indiana University. The closing reception will be held Nov. 6th, 1-3pm in the Roberta's Gallery.

Air and Water: The Photographs of Francisco Soto

September 22nd - October 10th (Roberta's Art Gallery)
Reception: September 25th, 4-6 pm (Roberta's Art Gallery)

Photographer Francisco Soto posed his subjects in two locales for the series of photographs that will be exhibited. In the first part of the series, the photographer captures images of individuals performing acrobatic feats along a hillside high above the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, near the amphitheater that is used for the annual Guelaguetza music festival. The graceful figures seem frozen in midair with the city of Oaxaca seen below and in the distance. In the second part of the series, the individuals are suspended in water. Francisco Soto took hundreds of photographs to get the scene right and carefully selected images to share with us in this important exhibit. The artist will join us at the opening reception for the exhibit along with a delegation of visitors from Oaxaca who have worked with the members of the UW-Whitewater Department of Art and Design in an ongoing series of workshops that have taken place there.

POP! Andy Warhol and Keith Haring

September 4th - October 4th (Crossman Gallery)
Reception: September 4th from 5-7 pm

Prints and photographs by Andy Warhol donated by the Andy Warhol Foundation will be joined by Keith Haring's Apocalypse series generously provided through a special loan from The Quad/Collection, Quad/Graphics Inc., Sussex, Wisconsin. Chancellor Richard Telfer, Provost Beverly Kopper, Dean Mark McPhail, the College of Arts and Communication, the Department of Art & Design, the UW-Whitewater Foundation, Inc., and SUFAC have provided support for this exhibit.

Recent Achievements 


Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson
International Sculpture Center's 2014 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, Honorable Mention.

Ethan's work was chosen from a pool of submissions including student work from over 151 colleges and universities, world-wide. His work will be recognized in the 2014 October issue of Sculpture magazine, as well as on the website.

kicking brooch - Ethan Eichstedt-Andersonkicking brooch detail - Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson


Teresa Faris

Teri Frame

  • Stepping Up: The Australian Ceramics Triennale Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse, Canberra City, Australia, July 9 - 11, 2015 | The "premier national forum for ceramics in Australia," this event "attracts leading national and international industry leaders, ceramics practitioners, educators, collectors, critics and cultural theorists."

Renée Melton

  • Logo Lounge 8: International Identities by Leading Designers, published July 2014 | From over 35,000 submissions, four of Melton's logos were selected for inclusion in the 8th edition of this bestselling series, one of which is profiled in the book's introduction as a juror's choice selection.

A. Bill Miller

  • GLITCHICAGO: An Exhibition of Chicago Glitch Art Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL, August 1 - September 28, 2014 | The exhibit "presents the work of 22 artists working with glitch in a wide variety of media. All have participated in the city’s glitch art scene, though they may come from other cities and indeed other countries."
  • Language and Code Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, August 9 - September 1, 2014 | "This collaborative exhibition fromA. Bill Miller and Daniel Temkin presents alternative 'aesthetic' experiences with language."
  • CAC.4 Computer Art Congress Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 1 - 3, 2014 | GIF Free for All, curated by A. Bill Miller, will be exhibited at this event.
  • Breaking the Frame, CAA Conference, New York, NY, February 11 - 14, 2015 | This panel presentation by A. Bill Miller discusses browser-based animation and experiments.

Xiaohong Zhang

  • Perception Lightwell Gallery at the University of Oklahoma, August 18 - September 3, 2014 | Xiaohong Zhang will exhibit as part of this four-person show.
  • In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the “Across the Divide” Forum, Xiaohong Zhang worked as one of five conference committee members to host symposiums with China's Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts on the comparison of Sino-American educational systems and pedagogical approaches in art, design and art history on June 16 - 17, 2014.

Ra Rah RAW, a Performance Art Exhibition

May 6th - May 8th (Center of the Arts)

UW-Whitewater PERFORMANCE ART CLASS will present their FINAL PROJECTS in an EXHIBITION that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Throughout the semester, instructor, Joseph Ravens<>, asked the students to create four works of TIME-BASED ART prompted by the concepts of BODY, OBJECT, SPACE and TIME. Students have selected, adapted, or revised one of the four projects for this final exhibition.

ARTISTS: Bridgett Bunbury | Caitlin O'Malley | Cassie Mullen | Casey Bunbury | Cory Hagen | Jennifer Samson | Jennifer Pendur | Madison McCarthy | Tia Dowding



Print Farm Spring Print Sale

May 6th - May 8th (Center of the Arts)

Print Farm is having our Spring Print Sale May 6th, 7th, and 8th: 10am to 8pm in the CA Atrium. We are now accepting prints from students and faculty to sell at the sale. Artists keep 80% of the profit and you name the price of your work! Great opportunity to make some cash and get recognition for your art. Even if you don't have any prints to sell, you can support your peers and mentors by buying their prints.

If you wish to sell your prints, the Sale Release form and Label Form that you need to read, fill out, and turn in alongside your prints are linked below. We also accept any t-shirts, totebags, etc, that have your printed images on them. We ask that you submit your paper prints packaged and ready for sale. If you don't wish to frame your own work, you can package the prints in a protective transparent slip bag with a foamcore or cardboard backing cut to the size of the paper. Print Farm has some selective sized protective bags and backing for anyone to use that are available at a first come first serve basis in CA 35.

Please note in the Sale Release Form that Print Farm keeps 20% of the profit as a way to keep our membership free, and purchase supplies for future use. Please turn in your prints to CA 35 (Printmaking studio) with the necessary forms completed before Monday, May 5th at 9pm. If you submit work to the sale, we also ask that you volunteer at least an hour to help out in running the sale - there is a sign up sheet with time slots available in CA 35. If you have any questions, you can email or ask any Print Farm officers with your inquiries.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Sale Release Form

Label Form Sheet

BFA Exhibition

May 5th – 10th (Crossman Gallery)

Opening reception from 6-8 pm Students graduating from the Department of Art and Design present their creative work in this group show. The exhibit typically feature works in all fine arts media including painting, drawing, printmaking, bookarts, sculpture, metals, ceramics and computer assisted design. The following students are participating in the exhibit: Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson, Metals; Nicole Lacriola, Graphic Design; Olevia Watters, Painting; Stephanie Miller, Ceramics; Sydney Michuda, Graphic Design and Zartavia Howard, Art Studio/Drawing.


April 24th-26th (Greenhill Center of the Arts)

The UW-Whitewater Department of Art & Design welcomes Visiting Artist Andy Light for three days of presentations, demonstrations, workshops, and an iron pour. Andy Light is best known for his large scale public sculptures which are currently on display throughout the American South and Midwest.  He earned his BFA at the University of Kentucky and his MFA at Florida State University.  Light has taught  several workshops on iron casting and mold-making including a large mold workshop at Sloss Furnaces' National Iron Conference in Birmingham, AL.  Light has also been a key player in countless iron pour events throughout the country.

Light is one of the founders and a past president of Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum near Bloomington, IN.  He spends time there every summer working on his sculptures, helping with workshops, and installing newly acquired sculpture.  He has exhibited in various venues in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Schedule of events include: Thursday, April 24-Lecture/Presentation (8AM in CA1036), Discussion with Advanced Sculptors on Grad School and Becoming a Professional Artist (11AM), Demonstration on metal joining (2:15PM); Friday, April 25-Mold-making with bonded sand (8AM-8PM); and Saturday, April 26-Iron Pour (10AM). For more information, contact Teresa Lind at

CROSSMAN GALLERY: BFA Entry/Junior Review Exhibition

April 22nd-24th

The Crossman Gallery is currently showing work from students going through the BFA Entry and BFA Junior Reviews. Reviews with Faculty will be held Wednesday and Thursday mornings, while the exhibition will be open for viewing Wednesday, April 23rd 2-5PM and 6-8PM, and Thursday, April 24th 1-5PM and 6-8PM.


April 25th -27th (Milwaukee)

Assistant Professor Bill Miller in Graphic Design and MAGD will be a participating artist in the exhibition TEMPLE at the Sensorium in Milwaukee this weekend April 25th through 27th. This project is based on the idea the temples are spaces created and celebrated for a highly valued function. They are "a hallowed place where individuals can converge to access heightened connection and perception. This is a spatial and sensory experiment to bring regional artists and the community together, to facilitate an experience beyond the self." The idea for this show comes from artist Nina Bednarski who is interested in creating spaces that "provide a sense of well-being and connection to ancestry and nature through spatial transformation and contemporary vision." The Sensorium is located on at 326 N. Water St. (2nd Floor) in Milwaukee. Gallery Night Opening is 5-10PM on April 25th, with the gallery open on April 26th, 10AM-4PM, and on April 27th, 10AM-2PM.


The 2014 Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, with Exhibit Juror Sara Krajewski of INOVA, UW-Milwaukee, just came down at the beginning of this week, but we want to congratulate our student award winners: Best of Show, Eric Hazeltine; 1st Prize, Willow Becher; 2nd Prize, Ashley Dahlke; 3rd Prize Harrison Halaska; Chancellor Richard and Roni Telfer Award, Sydney Michuda; Pretty Good Ceramics Award, Stephanie Miller; Not the Pretty Good Ceramics Award but still a Pretty Good Ceramics Award, Award, Paul Boland; Ceramics Award, Alec Schweiger; Director's Award, Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson; Excellence in Printmaking Award, Jennifer Pendur; Excellence in Metals Award, Stephanie Miller; Drawing Award, Rebecca Gentil; Friends of Figure Drawing Award; Taylor McDarison; Honorable Mention/Traditional Photography, Becca Jackson; Honorable Mention/Digital Photography, Paul Boland; Honorable Mention for Digital Media, Brandon Korth. The Chancellor’s Purchase Award was presented to Eric Hazeltine. Additional Honorable Mentions, Olevia Watters; Jason Thomas; Hannah Sweet; Adrianna Clift; Ger Xiong; Kristin Bates and Neta Ron. A complete listing of all accepted works, awards and the Jurors Statement may be found on the Crossman Gallery web site:

The week of April 7th also marked a major event in the Department of Art + Design. We hosted the on-site visit by the representatives from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The on-site visits were just one step in the process of renewing the national accreditation of the Department of Art + Design. Members of the department have spent a great deal of time and effort preparing documents and submitting examples of student work for this critical event.

Congratulations to Taylor McDarison, recipient of the UWW National Alumni Outstanding Junior Award.

The Crossman Gallery recently hosted the 44th Annual Ceramics Exhibit: Contemporary Artists Mixing Old and New Technologies. The exhibit was curated by Ceramics Professor Jared Janovec with the goal of investigating new technology as it manifests itself in the world of ceramics. Artists included in the exhibit were: Ivan Albreht, Tiffany Bailey, Peter Biddulph, Nicholas Bivins, Chad Curtis, Bryan Czibesz, Teri Frame, Nick Geankoplis, Holly Hanessian, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Jeremy Jernegan, Thomas Schmidt, and Malcolm Mobutu Smith.


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