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So you want to study in the field of art, art history, graphic design, multimedia design or game development and you think UW-Whitewater might be a good fit for you. Choosing the right college program is a big decision, so we know you have lots of questions. Here you'll find a lot of information to help you answer some of the things you're wondering about - from visiting campus to financial aid.

How do I become an art student at UW-Whitewater? General admission information, online application, and more information:

How do I apply?

What can I study? The Department of Art + Design offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate degrees with areas of emphasis in studio art, art education, graphic design, art history, arts management and fine arts licensure.

What kind of financial aid is available? The Art + Design Department offers scholarships to incoming and continuing students, and aid is available from other University sources as well:

What about teaching? I already have a college degree but I want to teach... then you might be interested in our special post-baccalaureate certification!

What about Learning Communities? There is a Learning Community for First Year students in the visual and performing arts.  The Beaux Arts Colony provides students with an interest in the arts to take courses together, including a New Student Seminar and World of the Arts.  Students also live together on a common area in the Residence Hall.

Are there Student Organizations I can join?  Yes there are.  The Student Art Association (Fine Arts), AIGA (Design), Alloy (Metals), Ceramics Club (Ceramics), Print Farm (Printmaking), GAMED (MAGD) and Gamezombie.TV (MAGD) offer an opportunity to join in activities with students in your discipline. The organizations host special events and guest speakers along with regular meetings.