Ways to Give

There are numerous ways that you may make a gift in support of our College - everything from simply writing a check for your annual gift in support of our current needs to a major or planned gift for endowment or a capital project.  If you would like more information on any of these types of gifts, feel free to contact the College Advancement office at the information below. You can find more information about all the ways to give by clicking here.

Philanthropy Staff
Katie M. Kuznacic
Director of Philanthropy
Hyer Hall #303
E-mail: kuznacik@uww.edu
Phone: 262-472-5472
Katie Kuznacic

Dean's Office

Eileen M. Hayes, Ph.D, Dean
CA 2001 | Phone: 262-472-1221
Email: hayese@uww.edu

Robert Mertens, Associate Dean
CA 2029 | Phone: 262-472-1934
Email: mertensr@uww.edu

Adelaide Atkielski, Dean Assistant
CA 2001 | Phone: 262-472-1221
Email: atkielsa@uww.edu

Audra Lange, Director of Marketing & Events
CA 2031 | Phone: 262-472-5943
Email: langeas14@uww.edu

Leslie LaMuro, Associate Director of Marketing & Events
CA 2046 | Phone: 262-472-1228
Email: lamurol@uww.edu 

Dale Kaminski, Technology Coordinator
CA 16A | Phone: 262-472-1756
Email: kaminsd@uww.edu 

Becky Smith, Program Assistant
CA 2030 | Phone: 262-472-1934
Email: smithb@uww.edu