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Jiazhen Zhou 
Graduate Program Coordinator & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-5172
Location: Mcgraw 104c 
Sue Roberts
Academic Dept Associate
Phone: 262-472-1666
Location: Mcgraw 104

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)

Contact Information

Jiazhen Zhou

Graduate Program Coordinator & Associate Professor

Phone: 262-472-5172

Location: Mcgraw 104c

Sue Roberts

Academic Dept Associate

Phone: 262-472-1666

Location: Mcgraw 104

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Why Pursue Your MSCS at UW-Whitewater?

With high average earnings, a positive career outlook, and a vast array of skills development paths, it is little wonder that you would want to pursue a MSCS degree. The question is why would you want to pursue that degree at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater? We can answer that with three simple points:

  • Personalized Cirriculum
  • Project-Orientated Education
  • Ideal Location

With an average campus population of approximately 13,000, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is large enough to offer all the programs that you seek, while being small enough to have a personal interest in the success and academic path of our students. The MSCS graduate program is no different. From the first time you reach out to us, you will experience advisors and instructors who are vested in helping you succeed. From answering questions about enrollment and tuition, to guiding you through each step of your path, you will experience the unique atmosphere that is UW-Whitewater.

Personalized Ciriculum

Do you need career transition help before starting the MSCS program? Are you an international student with a three-year degree? Do you have significant work experience that may off-set traditional learning? Reach out to us today to learn how you can thrive with MSCS.

Project-Oriented Education

Does the thought of microfiche and lectures leave you cold? No need to worry. The MSCS program is a project-orientated experience. You will work first-hand on research projects, real-world applications for our Innovation Center, and on solutions that you can apply to your work-life today. Each course is structured to be a semester-long group project that allows you to learn, absorb, and use the knowledge to solve practical problems relating to course content.

Why Choose Our Program?

  1. Small and highly interactive classes
  2. Conveniently located between Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago
  3. Industry partnerships through UW-W Software Development Center
  4. Entrepreneurship support through the Whitewater Innovation Center

For more reasons, see video (below) or visit the School of Graduate Studies page.

Research Triangle

Ideal Location

Located near the Wisconsin-Illinois border in the midwestern United States, our campus encompasses hundreds of park-like acres with a friendly atmosphere. Whitewater, Wisconsin is a small community located in a lush forested area of the state. What’s more, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater was named the safest campus in Wisconsin in 2019.

If greenery isn't your focus, Whitewater is conveniently located in what is commonly known as the Midwest Research Triangle linking Chicago, Illinois and Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This means we are a close drive to major employers and innovators affecting the whole country and world.

Do you still have questions? Call or email today. We want to help make your decision as simple as possible.

There is a reason Computer Science is the #1 Major Nationwide

You want a career that challenges you to keep learning and growing. You want to be rewarded for that hard work with high average earnings and a positive career outlook. And you want to be able to choose from a career path that truly stimulates your interests. That is exactly why Computer Science is the #1 Major Nationwide with the highest median base salary.

Why pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science? It is simple. Even more earning potential, better career trajectory, and the opportunity to become even more valuable to your organization.

  • Median Salary for MSCS graduates is $110,000 +
  • MSCS graduates earn 25% more on average than their BSCS (Bachelors of Science in Computer Science) counterparts
  • Job outlook is expected to grow 19% by 2026


Become a Technical Leader in Your Organization

It isn’t just about the money. Earning an MSCS will provide you with an opportunity tackle more complex projects and develop skill mastery. After all, Computer Science isn’t just one field. The MSCS program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, gives you personalized curriculum and course projects to excel in your areas of interest, or those most needed at your organization: software engineering, algorithm, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, and any other computing related interdisciplinary areas.


The Bottom Line

If you are considering a graduate degree, you are already a step ahead of the competition. You have your goals and you know why they matter to you. What you want from us is to tell you how much will this cost? How long will it take? Why should I come to UW-Whitewater?  Our goal is to answer these questions and more on this site. If, however, you aren’t finding what you seek or if you simply prefer to contact us directly, please do. We strive to respect your time and your preferred methods of research. Call or email today. We want to help make your decision as simple as possible.

The MSCS program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is designed to be a two-year graduate study program. That being said, your path may differ depending on current degree, international status, and more. We understand that expediency of completion is one of your top concerns, which is why we will work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs with as little redundancy as possible.

Features of the MS in CS Program:

  • 30 credits (15-24 months) to completion
  • Fall, Spring and Summer admissions
  • Project-based curriculum in leading edge computer science fields
  • Paid graduate and industry assistantships available

Complete Course Requirements

  • Core Courses: Total of 9 units, 3 courses
    COMPSCI 733 - Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Select two out of the following:
    COMPSCI 724 - Operating Systems in Practice
    COMPSCI 764 - Machine Learning
    COMPSCI 766 - Advanced Database
    COMPSCI 776 - Advanced Software Engineering
  • Elective Courses: Select 15-18 units of COMPSCI courses numbered 700 or above that include:
    COMPSCI 735 - Optimization: Techniques and Applications
    COMPSCI 736 - Image Processing and Computer Vision
    COMPSCI 762 - Cryptography and Cloud Security
    COMPSCI 764 - Cloud Computing
    COMPSCI 767 - Big Data and Data Mining
    COMPSCI 777 - Software Testing
    COMPSCI 778 - Software Specification and Verification
    COMPSCI 796 - Special Topics (Repeatable)
  • Capstone: Select 3-6 total units from:
    COMPSCI 789 - Capstone Project
    COMPSCI 799 - Thesis Research
  • Total Units: 30
  • Students pursuing the M.S. degree in Computer Science may declare either the applied research project option or the thesis option to fulfill their capstone requirement for graduation. Students who choose the thesis option must earn at least 3 units of COMPSCI 799 credit. Students who choose the applied research project option must earn at least 3 units of COMPSCI 789 credit.

For further information, visit our course catalogs:

Do you still have questions? Call or email today. We want to help make your decision as simple as possible.

Superior Value

Pursuing a MSCS at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater is not inexpensive. However, at typical total program costs of less than $20,000, we are confident that you will find the MSCS plan is not only a worthwhile investment in your future, it is also a value.

Scholarships & Assistantships

Looking for a way around tuition? Each year we offer a minimum of four graduate assistantships and three fee remission scholarships for international and out-of-state students.

Graduate Assistantships

Are you considering graduate school because a career in education is your goal? Or is research your forté? Graduate Assistants will receive extensive training in research from dedicated advisors. They also receive training on instruction. Some have gone on to become part-time lecturers in the department during their transition period for PhD pursuit. This hands-on training helps PhD students land key research or teaching assistantships at highly ranked research universities.

Students who have never been offered a graduate assistant in any previous year must submit two forms, the Graduate Assistantship Application and the Graduate Assistantship Supervisor Referral Form (completed by a student’s supervisor or a professor familiar with the student’s work or academic history).

Students who have been offered a graduate assistant in the past will only need to submit the Graduate Assistantship Application.

Students who lose eligibility for Graduate Assistantships may request re-qualification by completing the procedure explained in the Graduate Assistantship Appeal Process. Graduate students in Communication may apply for certain Instructional Assistantships.

Note: You must submit a new Graduate Assistant Application for each academic year for which you are seeking employment.

Financial Aid

How to pay for your education is an important part of program evaluation. At the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, we offer a variety of programs to help meet your needs. Contact Jiazhen Zhou for more information. Jiazhen Zhou

Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid

Want To Get Started?

Students with all backgrounds are welcome to apply. Applicants must meet all requirements of the School of Graduate Studies, including the minimum undergraduate GPA requirement (at least 2.75/4.00 overall or 2.90/4.00 during the last half of the degree).

Applicants must also complete the following undergraduate courses or their equivalents before completing the Master's degree:

1. data structure and at least one lower-level programming courses (this requirement may be waived for students with substantial job-related programming experience),
2. discrete mathematics or discrete structures,
3. one semester of calculus, and
4. two additional computer science courses.

Students may be admitted to the program with deficiencies (prerequisites not yet completed). Identified deficiency items 1-3 must be removed prior to enrollment in any graduate coursework. Identified deficiency item 4 must be removed prior to enrollment in coursework beyond the first twelve (12) credits. Courses taken to remove deficiencies may be at the undergraduate or graduate level. Credits earned to remove deficiencies will not count toward the degree requirements for the Master of Science in Computer Science.

Because of limited space in the program, some applicants who meet the minimum requirements may not be accepted. We consider all application materials when deciding which applicants to admit.

Are you an international student with a three year degree?

We have a bridge certificate program to allow you to enter the MSCS plan quickly and efficiently.

Bridge Certificate

Are you seeking a career change?

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There is so much that we would like to share about the quality of the MSCS program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, but sometimes it is best to explore for yourself.