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    Marilyn Durham
    Department Chair
    Phone: (262) 472-5050
    Location: Laurentide 3207

    Peter Hoff
    Foreign Language Coordinator
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    Mary Orval
    Academic Dept Assoc
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    Welcome to the UW-Whitewater IEI!

    The Intensive English Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater prides itself in preparing international students for academic and career success in English. The IEI is part of the Department of Languages and Literatures. All instructors have advanced degrees and many years of experience in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language.

    About our program

    • From the moment IEI students arrive and throughout their time at UW-Whitewater, student success is the IEI priority.
    • Advisers at the Center for Global Education assist IEI students with immigration paperwork, arrival and orientation, campus housing, and other aspects of studying and living in the United States.
    • The IEI offers three levels of full-time course work (20 hours per week). Instructors integrate skills around high-interest academic and cultural topics.
    • Class size is small (maximum of 15 students). IEI students also work with tutors in small group study sessions for individualized instruction.
    • IEI students have access to all campus facilities and services.
    • UW-Whitewater waives the TOEFL admission requirement for IEI graduates who complete the advanced level with a grade of B or better.
    • Field trips and assignments get students out of the classroom and into the community. These experiences help IEI students understand American culture.
    • Academic advisors assist bridge students with selecting university courses and becoming university students.

    The UW-Whitewater IEI prepares students with English skills and real-world thinking and cultural skills that employers around the world want and need from their employees.

    IEI Mission Statement: The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater intensive English Institute prepares international students with the skills they need to communicate effectively in English in university academic and community social settings by providing a multi-level curriculum based on contextual needs and by offering ongoing academic support.

    For information about how to apply to the IEI, please click here.
    For information about the IEI curriculum, please click here.
    For information about the cost of attending IEI, Please click here.
    To reach the UW-Whitewater homepage, please click here.



    • Visiting famous places in Wisconsin.
    • Teaching local children about international cultures and customs.
    • Meeting and interviewing community and business leaders, artists, and teachers.
    • Conducting research projects as bridge-level students with a faculty through the UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Program.
    • Extended cultural trips and programs are conducted in August for an additional cost.


    College of Letters & Sciences
    Laurentide Hall 4100
    University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    800 W. Main Street
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    Office of the Dean
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