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Welcome to the Center for Students with Disabilities!

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater proudly provides comprehensive services and cutting-edge success programming for students with disabilities. Since 1972, the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at UW-Whitewater has provided a wide array of accommodations, support services, auxiliary aids and programs for students, staff and all members of the UW-Whitewater community.

Students with disabilities are an essential part of the diversity and accessibility that defines the UW-Whitewater campus and CSD is committed to supporting a diverse and stimulating academic community. As part of our mission, CSD actively collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create an inclusive, accessible university experience. CSD is dedicated to promoting diversity and an equal opportunity for students to fully participate in all aspects of their education and university life.

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Welcome students to the CSD homepage, hope you had a good start to the semester!! Please be sure to schedule exams 5 to 7 days ahead  of time. FINAL exam requests need to be in by December 1st!

A new scholarship has become available

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Students Travel to Yellowstone National Park

UW-Whitewater students are returning from a two-week trip to Yellowstone National Park. Though this is an annual field work opportunity, this was the first time students who use wheelchairs made the trek. Faculty and staff members spent months planning, researching, and preparing. Students used a portable, roll-out walkway to traverse the terrain, and participated in field discussions using laser pointers and other tools. Read more CSD news...

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