CONSTRUCTION TO IMPACT CAMPUS: Beginning March 26th, 2018, perimeter fences will be installed on campus around the construction site for the new residence hall.  These fences will block off parts of parking lots 7 and 9, the sidewalk next to those lots (East of the parking lots), and the sidwalk running from Fischer Hall to Warkhawk Drive (North of the parking lots, outside the graveyard).  This will also decrease the parking available in lots 7 and 9. A map of the perimeter can be seen here.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Student living in the dorms needs assistance with personal cares. $12/hour. Looking for morning, lunch, dinner, and evening staff, about 2hrs/shift. Assistance required 7 days/week, but looking for helpers to fill any shifts possible. Also looking for someone to do laundry 1x/week totaling 2hrs.  Help need from July 8-August 2, and then again beginning August 30.  If interested, please contact Nicole at, or call her at 608-210-4736.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Personal Care Assistant Needed! Shifts starting in the fall, 30 minutes per week, pay is $10 per week.  Preferably a female with at least sophomore standing. For additional details or to apply please contact

ALTERNATIVE TESTING: Please note that CSD's testing procedures still apply in the summer, meaning Testing Contracts and Requests must be completed and all exam requests must be submitted at least one business week before the exam.  For classes with all online exams, CSD will proctor the exam IF: a scribe or reader is needed and you don't have an Out of Class aide; assistive technology is needed that you do not have on your personal computer; the exam must be proctored and the instructor is unable to proctor for your full extended time.  Please see your DSC with questions.

ALTERNATE FORMATS:  Please remember to turn in your Alternative Media Requests as soon as possible. It can take 4-6 weeks from the time your request is submitted to get the converted text to you.

FRAGRANCE FREE ZONE:  Perfumes, cologne, scented body spray, lotions, aftershaves, hair-care products and other scented products affect the health of many people. Scented products can trigger mild to severe reactions such as respiratory distress, migraines, and nausea.  Please do not wear scented products in this office.


Summer Session 04: 07/30 - 08/18

Fall Orientation: 8/30 - 9/2

Fall Classes Begin: 9/4