Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring (DREAM)

Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society logoDREAM UWW (formerly MODE) is a student-run organization based in the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus. We raise awareness and advocate for students with disabilities through campus and community service, including involvement in Disability Awareness Day, inviting various special guests and speakers to campus, and partnering with organizations both on and off campus. We create a safe atmosphere for all individuals; we are a family.

DREAM UWW is a chapter of the national DREAM organization.

Any student may attend a meeting or event hosted by DREAM (unless otherwise specified).  Any student, with or without a disability, may become a member of DREAM; members may vote and hold office and/or committee positions.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the President, Amy Vanderheyden, at vanderhear16@uww.edu, or the Vice President, Rachel Tournier, at tournierr14@uww.edu.

After much discussion, DREAM has decided to go on a hiatus until next school year. If you are interested in holding a leadership position for the next school year on our executive board and helping recruit and rebuild our organization, please reach out to dream@uww.edu or brandtb@uww.edu. If not, please keep on the look out for DREAM's name next year!