WINS How-to's

WINS How-to's

Ask a complete question, like "How do I obtain my transcripts?"


A comprehensive collection of guides for every user, from Deans and Faculty to individual Students. The How-To's provide a step by step guide on using the various features of WINS.

featured how-tos  

As of June 11, 2014, UW-Whitewater transitioned to a new Term Withdrawal process, which is now entirely housed in WINS.  The new tutorial for this process is on the Student How-to Page.  Access this page by clicking the Student header below. 

 youtube tutorials

The Registrar's Office YouTube Channel has new tutorial videos for students, which feature helpful tips and tricks related to WINS.  Here are our newest tutorials.  Visit and bookmark our channel and see what other videos our page has to offer. Link to Registrar's Office YouTube Channel.


WINS instructions useful to every user, including how to clear your cache and use favorites.



WINS instructions tailored to the student user, including how to view a student's academic record and dropping or adding a course.


instructor & advisor

Information and instructions concerning features in the Instructor and Advisor Centers in WINS.



Useful information for Departments and ADAs concerning a multitude of WINS features, including student groups and service indicators.

 Deans & College

Useful information for Deans and Colleges regarding how to add or change a major or a minor and how to grant overload permissions.


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