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People, Purpose, Practice
Division of Student Affairs

Being stewards of our own cultures requires one critical aspect of leadership: creating space and opportunity for conversation -- for private and public reflection on ourselves and our work. The following represents a "desired way of being" we have for our Division. It is not a mission statement, but rather how we want our existing mission to be realized.



Capacity Building
Our learning enhances student learning. We commit to staff development and providing/support ongoing learning opportunities for all staff.


Amplifying and Championing Others
People are doing great work within our University. We dedicate ourselves to seeking them out, learning deeply about them, and to amplify and champion their work throughout our organization.


Communicating a Larger Story
People hunger to know that their efforts matter. We will connect and communicate how our actions relate to the bigger story of what we're doing and why it matters.



Cultivating Student Success
All students want to be successful. We will work with students to define success for themselves, and to guide them in taking full advantage of UW-Whitewater in realizing their success.


Co-creating Learning Environments
Learning occurs in all areas of the University. We will work across the University to intergrate emotional, social, and cognitive aspects of learning into the students experience --  while keeping students involved in shaping learing environments.


Capitalizing on Diversity
Interactional diversity changes lives. We will prompt meaningful interactions across diverse international and domestic backgrounds to support students in their navigation of cross-cultural encounters, and in their own understanding, exploration and development of cultural identity.



Organizational Learning
We will collect and use data/information, while sharing it across the University, to advance UW-Whitewater's strategic priorities.


Creating Space and Opportunity for Conversation
People have creative ideas outside the role they play or department they serve. We will nuture conversations outside each others' niches to develop a mindset of innovation.


Reflective Practitioners
We will ground our work in scholarship and metacognition: the science of how we learn. Transformational change requires more than just doing things differently; it requires thinking about how we think --  increasing the capacity individually and institutionally to think differently.