University Policies

University Policies

Academic Appeals

Academic Load – Undergraduate Students

Academic Misconduct

Academic Policies: Additional Information

For additional information regarding academic policies see UWW undergraduate and graduate catalogs:

Academic Support Center

Academic Work Per Unit (Credit) Policy (Students)

Academically Dismissed Students – Readmission

Administrator Selection & Evaluation (Faculty & Academic Staff Role in )

Admission-Readmitted Students


See Academic Advising

Affirmative Action Policies

See Equal Opportunity

Application for Graduation


Associate of Arts Degree

Athletics (Intercollegiate) – Student Handbook

Auditing Courses

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements (University Wide)

Background Check Policy and Procedures


  • See Employee Benefits


  • See Facilities-Access and Use

Business Cards

Camps, Conferences, Meetings

Care and Use of Lab Animals

Career & Leadership Development Office

Classified Employees

Classroom/Lab Moderization

Classroom: Reservation of Instructional Space

Concealed Carry

Consensual Relations Policy and Procedures

Constitution and By-Laws (Academic Staff)

Constitution and By-Laws (Classified Staff)

Constitution and By-Laws (Faculty)

Copying & Printing

Course Information


Disability (Center for Students with Disabilities)

Diversity Requirement (Bachelor’s Degree)

        Now known as U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity Requirement

Employee Educational Assistance Program

Excess Credit Policy

Faculty & Staff Housing

Faculty Constitution and By-Laws

Faculty-Teaching Reassignment


  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)

Grade Changes

Graduation (Application for Graduation)

Graduation Attendance (Students)

Graduation Fee

Graduation Honors

Grievance Procedures (Student Grievances)

Health & Counseling Services


  • HIPPA (Health Insurance Privacy and Accountability Act)

Honors Program

ID Card (Hawkcard and Purple Points)

Inclement Weather

Intercollegiate Athletics-Student Handbook

International Education

Jury Duty

Lab Animals: Care and Use

Lab/Classroom Modernization

Learning Communities


Limited Term Employment (LTE)

Naming a Building or Facility

On-Line Degrees and Offerings

Open Meetings Policy

Orgainization Chart

Overload Scheduling -- Change Of Status Policy


Placement Testing


Postal Services

Professional Development Plan

Purple Books

Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

Readmission: Academically Dismissed Students

Research (Undergraduate)

Reservation of Instructional Space

Reservation of University Center rooms

Safety and Health Policy

Strategic Plan

Student Disciplinary Procedures

Student Employees

Students (Complaints Against Faculty)

Testing (Placement)

Tuition Reimbursement (Faculty & Staff)

Tutorial Assistance

Tutorial Center

Undergraduate Research Program

United States Department of Labor – Compliance Assistance Resources

Vacation -- Faculty & Academic Staff

Veterans-Advanced Credit

Waiver or Substitution-Required Courses

Withdrawal from a Term

Withdrawal from University


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