University Policies

University Policies

Academic Appeals

Academic Load – Undergraduate Students

Academic Misconduct

Academic Policies: Additional Information

For additional information regarding academic policies see UWW undergraduate and graduate catalogs:

Academic Support Center

Academic Work Per Unit (Credit) Policy (Students)

Academically Dismissed Students – Readmission

Administrator Selection & Evaluation (Faculty & Academic Staff Role in )

Admission-Readmitted Students


See Academic Advising

Affirmative Action Policies

See Equal Opportunity

Application for Graduation


Associate of Arts Degree

Athletics (Intercollegiate) – Student Handbook

Auditing Courses

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements (University Wide)

Background Check Policy and Procedures



  • See Employee Benefits


  • See Facilities-Access and Use

Business Cards

Camps, Conferences, Meetings

Care and Use of Lab Animals

Career & Leadership Development Office

Children in the Workplace

Classified Employees

  • see University Staff

Classroom/Lab Moderization

Classroom: Reservation of Instructional Space

Concealed Carry

Consensual Relations Policy and Procedures


Constitution and By-Laws (Academic Staff)

Constitution and By-Laws (Classified Staff)

Constitution and By-Laws (Faculty)

Copying & Printing

Course Information


Disability (Center for Students with Disabilities)

Disability Policies

     See also Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Non-Discrimination Policies

Diversity Requirement (Bachelor’s Degree)

        Now known as U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity Requirement

Employee Educational Assistance Program

Excess Credit Policy

Faculty & Staff Housing


  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)

Financial and Accounting Policies

Grade Appeals

Grade Changes

Graduation Attendance (Students)

Graduation Fee

Graduation Honors

Health & Counseling Services

HIPPA (Health Insurance Privacy and Accountability Act)

Honors Program

iCIT (Instructional, Communication & Information Technology)

ID Card (Hawkcard and Purple Points)

Inclement Weather

Intercollegiate Athletics-Student Handbook

International Education

Jury Duty

Lab Animals: Care and Use

Lab/Classroom Modernization

Learning Communities


Limited Term Employment (LTE)

Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy

Naming a Building or Facility

On-Line Degrees and Offerings

Open Meetings Policy

Orgainization Chart

Overload Scheduling -- Change Of Status Policy


Placement Testing


Postal Services

Professional Development Plan

Purple Books

Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

Readmission: Academically Dismissed Students

Research (Undergraduate)

Reservation of Instructional Space

Reservation of University Center rooms

Safety and Health Policy

Strategic Plan

Student Disciplinary Procedures

Student Employees

Testing (Placement)

Tuition Reimbursement (Faculty & Staff)

Tutorial Assistance

Undergraduate Research Program

United States Department of Labor – Compliance Assistance Resources

Vacation -- Faculty & Academic Staff

Veterans-Advanced Credit

Waiver or Substitution-Required Courses

Withdrawal from a Term

Withdrawal from University


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