Campus Initiatives


Alternative transportation programs offered at UW-Whitewater help to reduce negative environmental impacts like pollution and greenhouse gas emissions created from vehicles. These alternative options can also provide financial benefits for users by avoiding costs associated with parking and maintaining vehicles. 

Vehicle Options


zimrideThe campus is a member of Zimride, operated by Enterprise Rental, which is an online ride sharing database. UW-Whitewater students, staff, and faculty can create profiles using their secure Net-ID and be matched with other commuters who enter the same schedule. You can include regular commuting or occasional one-way trips you might make. This is a great way to find a new commuting partner if you live off-campus. It is also a great option for UW-Whitewater students without a vehicle to find a ride home on weekends or, if you have a car, to make gas money by providing rides. 

Enterprise CarShare

carshareThis service was launched to offer campus community members an opportunity to use a short-term rental car for things like quick errands and trips home on weekends.  This program allows you to sign up for a car that you can use to unlock one of the two available cars located in Lot 7 on campus.  The hourly rate is reasonable and includes fuel costs, so you do not need to refuel before returning the car.  This is an affordable way to get a vehicle for students who don't have a car on campus. 

Mass Transit and Local Services


RydePass considers themselves a people's company with a local mission: Building community one Ryde at a time. To accomplish this, RydePass operates a user-generated rideshare option similar to Uber or Lyft, but targets smaller markets and college towns like Whitewater to provide this service to UW-Whitewater students. Check out their commercial below and download their app to get started.

Weekend Bus Services

Van Galder Bus Company provides weekend bus routes as part of the Wisconsin Coach Lines that leave at two times on Friday and Sunday during the fall and spring semesters.  This bus stops in North Prairie, Waukesha, Brookfield, and Milwaukee. 

Badger Bus operates their "College Connection" including a route between UW-Whitewater and UW-Madison (816 Langdon Street).  This schedule is available Fridays and Sundays during the fall and spring semesters.

Support for Bicycles

The City of Whitewater has recently adopted a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, which includes recommendations for a Complete Streets ordinance that recently passed Common Council. While there is no specific commitment to following this policy on campus, the general effort to provide connectivity and accommodation to the city efforts (particularly the city streets that intersect the campus) is already underway as the campus has been an active partner in the city's process.  Take a look as this map to learn about existing bike routes in the Whitewater area.

On our campus, there are several efforts to improve the user experience for individuals using bicycles to travel to and from campus locations.  Bike racks are found throughout campus and long-term bike lockers are also available near residence halls for added protection and security.  Starin Hall also features covered racks for use to keep your bikes out of the elements.  Finally, there are two bike repair stations located near Drumlin Hall and Wellers Hall so students can perform their own basic maintenance and help save money for basic repairs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

chargepointWe have two electric vehicle Level 2 charging locations on campus that are connected to the ChargePoint network. One is a single-post charger located at the General Services building and is designed to serve an electric vehicle in the service or rental vehicle fleet. The other location is a dual-post charger in the parking lot adjacent to Upham Hall and is designed to serve the wider campus community with a convenient location. Both charging stations are free to the public if the user already has a ChargePoint card.