Finance and Administrative Affairs

Audit, Risk, Compliance & Ethics (ARCE) Program

Warhawks Do The Right Thing!

UW-Whitewater is committed to compliance with UW System policy and Wisconsin state policy, as well as federal policies, laws, and regulations that govern its many activities. Our campus also strives to incorporate general audit, risk, compliance and ethics-related best practices, and is passionate about fostering a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for our students, staff, faculty and visitors. These efforts are often complex and require coordination among several departments across the University.  This is why we formed ARCE – as a way to leverage our people and resources to accomplish related goals and create a space for conversation around how Warhawks Do The Right Thing!

ARCE is a committee with participation from subject matter experts (SMEs) across the Whitewater campus who share risk and internal control data, information, knowledge and solutions to achieve optimal and best practice-driven results in support of our University's mission. 

The ARCE Committee will champion resultant successful strategies and will be charged with communicating them to the campus for broader application.

Why is ARCE important?

Monitoring and maintaining compliance is one of the most important ways for an organization to maintain its ethical health, support its long-term prosperity, and preserve and promote its values.

The Seven Elements of an Effective Governance/Compliance Program guides the ARCE and its work. 

  1. Compliance Officer reporting to highest level of leadership.
  2. Involvement & oversight of the Board, leadership and management.
  3. Clear standards of Conduct and Compliance.
  4. Appropriate education & training, communication.
  5. Monitoring, auditing and reporting of non-compliance.
  6. Corrective/remedial action for non-compliant behavior.
  7. Appropriately responding and preventing further non-compliance.

Recordings of the following meetings are available for viewing:

This tool will help you consider the factors affecting the risks faced by your organization as you modify your operations during the COVID outbreak. It will not make the decisions for you, but it will help you compare the benefits and risks of each option so you can make informed decisions.

Please watch a recorded video demonstration facilitated by Grace Crickette before getting started.

Contact Brenda Jones, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration at or (262) 472-1922.

The ARCE Committee Charter elaborates on our purpose, mission, responsibilities and structure. Note: This document will remain in draft format for approximately one year, to accomodate any adjustments as needed.

This resource offers guidelines for evaluating general compliance and ethics standards and best practices.

This spreadsheet contains approximately three (3) years of audit findings.

This webpage is continuously updated and managed by our Quality Assurance Improvement Manager.

Email the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration, Brenda Jones at or by telephone at (262) 472-1922 should you have any questions or concerns.