Facilities Planning & Management
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Battery Recycling

  1. All lead-acid batteries used on campus are recycled.
  2. Our campus currently has a contract to purchase/exchange lead-acid batteries. Stores staff can be contacted about the types of batteries included in the contract.
  3. No person on campus will contract to purchase a lead-acid battery unless that contract involves the exchange of an old battery for the new battery.
  4. All lead-acid batteries needing disposal are transported to the designated battery recycling storage area in the Stores/Receiving area.
  5. Stores staff must be notified prior to delivery to insure security at the site.
  6. These campus batteries are part of a Stores exchange contract and are picked up by our vendors on a regular basis.
  7. It is suggested that staff exchange old batteries when they pick-up a new one. This process will save transportation time and expense to the department.

Questions on the Battery Recycling policy should be directed to Josh Filer 472-6708, Stores and Receiving in Facilities Planning and Management.