Administrative Affairs

Operational Excellence & Process Improvement Advisory Team (PIAT)

Welcome to the Change Factory!

Faced with diminishing revenue, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater community has coalesced around administrative and operational effectiveness as a key tenet of long-term viability. We are leveraging systemwide (2020FWD, Core, and Shared Services) and campus-level efforts with a strong commitment from the top: the University is committed to elevating its administrative and academic and research operations to a higher level of operational excellence.  The University is focused on reducing and redirecting funds; streamlining operations to address state funding cuts and the need for commonality in process and systems; implementing operational efficiencies that enhance the quality of services to students, faculty and staff; and building a sustainable financial model to carry the University forward. 

What is PIAT?

The Process Improvement Advisory Team (PIAT) is comprised of a collaborative Work Group Team and an Advisory Team, both focused on process efficiencies and cost containment. We identify process improvement projects and implement continuous, incremental change. These changes can include savings of time and money across a variety of areas. We will address these changes to align with policy, compliance and general best practices.

PIAT Work Group Team. The PIAT Work Group meets biweekly (once every two weeks) on Thursday afternoons. The Work Group is comprised of a select, core group of individuals focused on executing on projects, working with subject-matter experts, and drafting project summaries to solicit feedback from the Advisory Team and seek guidance from Chancellor's Cabinet.

PIAT Advisory Team. The PIAT Advisory Team meets bimonthly (once every two months) on Thursday afternoons. The Advisory Team is focused on asking questions, and providing constructive feedback for the Work Group's project presentations and updates. These conversations help guide the Work Group and offer an open opportunity for members of the community to share insight and contribute to our project work. We invite you to come share your ideas and perspective! Attendance is flexible and all are encouraged to participate.

Contact the Quality Assurance Improvement Manager:

  • Telephone: (262) 472-5950

We exceeded our goal for FY19/20, which was to produce a savings target for our campus of approximately $100,000-$200,000:

  • Total Savings through UW-Shared Services: $143,758
  • Total Savings through Campus Efficiencies: $754,435
  • Total Revenue Generated: $555,833

Visit the UW-Whitewater Process Improvement Projects and Efficiencies document for more information about these accomplishments.

Help us continue our mission by:

  • submitting your ideas to the Quality Assurance Improvement Manager (262) 472-5950.
  • attending PIAT Advisory Team meetings and providing input.
  • spreading the word - we appreciate and value all perspectives.

What has PIAT been up to lately? See below to access our most recent Agendas under the new Work Group and Advisory Team structure: 

Review our past 2019 and 2020 meeting agendas for context.