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Process Improvement Advisory Team (PIAT)

Welcome To The Change Factory!



The goal of the Process Improvement Advisory Team (PIAT) is to establish a campus-wide group focused on process efficiencies and cost containment. Click here for a brief PowerPoint with additional information.



The goal of PIAT is to accomplish incremental change through improving processes. These changes can include savings of time and money across a variety of areas. We will address these changes to align with policy, compliance and general best practices.


·  PIAT meets on a standing, biweekly (once every two weeks) basis.

·  Attendance is flexible – feel free to join us as you are able!



Our first PIAT Meeting was an open forum style “Meet and Greet” where staff, faculty and students were encouraged to drop in and learn more about process improvement, incremental change, and examples of projects to consider for our campus.


We offered a variety of activities and educational resources available to participants so they could become better acquainted with our mission, goals and structure, as well as offer their own input into project ideas and highlight initiatives they believed we should stop, start and/or continue.


Attendees also had the opportunity to add their contact information to our PIAT Sign Up list, so they would receive an invitation to our Introductory PIAT Meeting and decide if they were interested in joining our change factory.


Want To Learn More?

Contact the Quality Assurance Improvement Manager via telephone at (262) 472-1772 or by email at 



04.17.19 Introductory PIAT Meeting

05.09.19 Meeting

05.23.19 Meeting

06.06.19 Meeting

06.20.19 Meeting