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Administrative Affairs Updates

Select the links below to download our Annual Report, Budget Book, and Organizational Chart:

Administrative Affairs Annual Report 

Administrative Affairs Budget Book 

Administrative Affairs Organizational Chart

Training Videos

Email Etiquette (1:41)

  • In this video you will learn about:
    • Reminders on how to properly use your university email
    • Examples of when you should be using your personal email vs. university email
    • Who you should contact if you have concerns regarding or requesting emails
  • Did you know your private information can be made public through your university email (such as your grocery shopping list or pictures you forwarded to a friend)? Watch this short video to learn how to properly manage your email.
  • Resources:

Export Controls Regulations

Export Controls (2:56)

Where to find Export Controls  (2:03)

License Requirements (2:10)

Open Meeting Law (2:35)

  • In this video you will learn:
    • The definition of an Open Meeting
    • Important definition in regards to Open Meetings
    • Requirements for Open and Closed Meetings
  • Has your governmental body been concerned if they are conducting Open Meetings in a legal/right way? Check out this video to refesh your memory. 
  • Resources:

Outside Activities Reporting (3:03)

  • In this video you will learn:
    • How to properly report outside activities
    • Identify what activities should and should not be reported
    • Consequences if you do not comply with this rule
  • Have you ever wondered if your relationships outside of work have been causing a conflict with your present commitment to the University? Watch this short video to learn all you need to know about Outside Activities Reporting.
  • Resources:

PIAT (2:03)

  • In this video you will learn:
    • Who makes up your Process Improvement Advisory Team (PIAT)
    • The process PIAT follows
    • Methodology of PIAT
  • Have you ever wondered who was in charge of improving the Universities environment to better support students, faculty, and staff? Well look no further, check out this video to learn about our Process Improvement Advisory Team.
  • Resouces:

Title IX & Mandatory Training (2:41)


Ethic Basics

Ethics Collusion