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Art and Design has several Master Advisors, Teresa Faris, Jared Janovec, and Sue Messer, who serve as advising resources for faculty and students.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are advised during summer PIP sessions. At that time, students work with Master Advisors and the Chair of the Department to develop a plan for their coursework. During this meeting students are introduced to required milestones and departmental review processes including: Post Foundation Review: BFA Entry and Junior Reviews and Senior Adjudication Display.  Advising Checksheets provide an overview of each major and minor in the Department and a guide for long-term planning.  

The Department Acadecmic Department Associate (ADA) assigns Art and Design students an advisor when they declare an Art, Art Ed, or MAGD Media Art major or minor.  All transfer students and students with a department minor meet with the Assistant Chair for both AR personalizations and guidance in addressing initial logistical and programmatic complexities. All other students are assigned faculty advisors with professional or instructional experience in the student's chosen field of study.  

Each Fall, the Department and student organizations host Hob Nob, a department-wide convocation dedicated to introducing students to essential navigation strategies for Art Majors and Minors including: coursework in the BA, BFA, MAGD and BSE programs; formal and informal advanced research opportunities (ie. the Undergraduate Research program, lab monitor and independent study proposals); Departmental milestones and Review processes; Department based student organizations, campus and community exhibition opportunities, basic problem solving strategies and faculty, staff and student leaders in the program. This event is both informational and social. Faculty and student organization presentations are followed by a potluck gathering and mixer. All current and prospective students are invited to attend.  

Each semester, all Majors and Minors enrolled in Art and Art Ed are required to meet with an advisor in the Department of Art and Design prior to registering for classes. MAGD Media Art majors should check the MAGD advising page for details. This insures that students are progressing through their programs properly and provides an opportunity for students to discuss their academic and professional goals with faculty. It is the student's responsibility to arrange these advising appointments. Advising Holds are placed on student WINS accounts until they meet with a Department Advisor. The Advising Holds are lifted once students have met with an Advisor and have turned an individual Advising Sheet into the Department Office. Once received, the Department ADA lifts the Advising Hold and students may proceed with online registration.  
The Department offers three strategies for students to receive focused advising:

  • One - One meeting with assigned faculty advisors Advising sign-up sheets are usually posted on faculty advisors' office doors during the three week advising period leading up to Priority Registration. Students may also schedule appointments to visit with their advisors at any time during the semester.  
  • One - One meeting with Assistant Chair: The Assistant Chair dedicates 6 hours a week to advising students. Appointments are made through the Department Office: 262-472-1324.
  • One - One meeting with faculty advisors Each semester the Department offers a Walk-In Advising session the Friday before Priority Registration begins. During this session, students meet with a group of faculty advisors on a first come, first served basis. The Department Office sends out an email to all students announcing the date of the Walk-In Advising session.

In the semester prior to graduation, all students meet with the Department Assistant Chair for a preliminary review of their AR and to discuss curricular requirements of their final semester. This meeting is most helpful when scheduled prior to Priority Registration and in the semester before the student's final semester on campus. When appropriate, the Assistant Chair also conducts personalizations to the AR. At this time, Associate Dean Mertens performs Graduation Reviews for all majors -this involves careful evaluation of all aspects of the degree, AR personalization's, and working with College PA Becky Smith to prepare a graduation letter from the College.