College of Arts and Communication


First Time Registrants & Readmitted Students

All new students (freshmen and transfer students) must be admitted and attend an orientation and registration program in order to register. Contact the First Year Expericence (262-472-3205) for information.

Readmitted students do not need to attend an orientation and registration program. They will have a hold from their advising department and must meet with their advisor in order to register (see below for further information.) Before accessing your WINS page, you will need to do a password change. The link to the password change is on the side panel of the UWW web page (

Priority Registration

During Priority Registration, you are assigned registration start times according to your earned credits.
Check WINS for your personal start time. (You are given an end time, but that end time can be ignored. You can continue to register until the end of the first week of class.) If you have forgotten your password, contact the computer HELP desk in L-2003 and bring your ID.

Schedule of Classes

You can use WINS to view courses (navigation is Catalog/View Schedule of Classes/Class Search)
Or, use the Schedule of Classes that is posted on the Registrar's website
Note: A course section designated as X is reserved for new freshmen coming into learning communities. A course section designated as H is reserved for Honors program students.


Instructions for using WINS are also available at the Registrar's website under "Student How-To's" You can view important information (advisor name, registration start time, holds, grades, bills, etc.)

Overload Form

Need to take more tha 18 credits?  Download the Overload Form, fill it out and deliver it to room 2030 in the Greenhill Center of the Arts for processing and approval.


Contact the Associate Dean's Office (CA2030, 262-472-1934) for more information.