College of Letters & Sciences

History Core Courses

The History Core Courses are courses that all history majors take regardless of which major students select. Skills training differentiates these courses from regular history content courses.

HISTRY 200 - Historical Methods (2 credits) recommended sophomore year
This course introduces students to the basic skills historians need such as how to cite sources, understand primary and secondary sources, and critical thinking skills. This course prepares students for upper level history courses.

Capstone Courses (6 credits) recommended second semester junior or senior year
400 level history seminar courses function as the capstone projects for all history majors. Students are required to take two of these courses. One course is 455 or a 400 level history seminar focused on European or US history. The second course is 465 or a 400 level history seminar focused on African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle East history.These courses require students to demonstrate the skills of a historian in a capstone research project of approximately 15 pages.

HISTRY 475 - Portfolio (1 credit) senior year
Students submit a collection of their best work from across their student career from their history courses. It includes artifacts such as historiographical work, capstone research project, and so on. Students also submit a resume in preparation for job or post-graduate applications.