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Welcome to the College of Letters and Sciences (L&S) at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater! We offer an array of undergraduate and graduate programs to meet your professional and personal interests in the humanities and sciences.  Our dedicated faculty and staff prepare students for the jobs of the future by teaching them life-long, transferable skills that allow them to think critically, write and communicate effectively, understand diverse perspectives, arrive at interdisciplinary solutions to complex problems, and inspire intellectual curiosity in others.  High impact practices, such as community based learning, internships, undergraduate research, travel study, or study abroad, are embedded in the classroom and degree plans to ensure that you’ll have a holistic experience within L&S.  L&S courses in General Education, as well as specialized courses in majors, minors, and certificates, work to develop skills, knowledge, and values that are essential for careers in today’s changing and dynamic world.

In addition to the humanities, social sciences and physical and natural sciences traditionally offered in a L&S College, we offer programs in areas such as cybersecurity, social work, forensic science, legal studies, public history, professional writing and publishing, film studies, and criminology. Our science programs include strong pre-professional programs in a number of fields, such as chiropractic, dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. Minors and specialized certificates in L&S provide additional opportunities to develop and refine skillsets to strengthen credentials and build your resume. 

As a Letters and Sciences’ student, you will encounter courses and opportunities that will expand your horizons. Award winning, innovative, and engaging faculty, alumni mentors, and staff are dedicated to your success.  Challenging and rewarding coursework will grow your intellectual curiosity and help you reach your academic and professional goals.  

Welcome Warhawks to the College of Letters and Sciences!

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Jason Janke
Laurentide 4104
Phone: (262) 472-1713 

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Our students are high achievers who thrive in our culture of boundless discovery and cross-disciplinary thinking.

Transformative Learning Spaces – Undergraduate access to high-tech equipment has been the hallmark our science programs, giving students a competitive edge in graduate school and the workforce. Learn more about the Letters and Sciences Equipment Fund.

Student Opportunities Fund – Each year over 100 students seek to participate in travel study experiences to engage in field study or immerse themselves in a different culture. Learn more about the Student Opportunities Fund.

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The Dean's Advisory Council serves as a liaison between the student body and the College of Letters and Sciences . It acts in an advisory capacity to the dean by making recommendations about college needs and services, programs and general operations.  It is also intended to connect students with available resources, and to bridge communication between students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

2023-2024 Term:

  • Alexandra Kestol (Biology)
  • Lina Han (Chemistry) 
  • Jake Menning (Computer Science) 
  • Estela Peterson (Geography/Geology/ Environmental Science)
  • Kaylie Hawn (History) 
  • Haley Myer (Language, Writing, & Film) 
  • Grace Busch (World Languages and Cultures) 
  • Zach Preiser (Mathematics)
  • TBD (Philosophy & Religious Studies)
  • Richard Kroncke (Physics) 
  • Lydia Korn (Politics, Government, and Law) 
  • Chyna Hill-Scanlon (Psychology, Committee Secretary) 
  • Zoey Fischer (Social Work) 
  • Josh Jenkins (Sociology/ Criminology & Anthropology)
  • Melina Buford (Women's & Gender Studies)  

Dean's Advisory Board members include both alumni and friends of the university. They are civic leaders, individuals with knowledge and expertise that can be highly beneficial to both the students and faculty within the College of Letters and Sciences.

Membership Roster

Thomas Adsit '78
Strategic Project Manager  
ACL Laboratories

Fred Arndt '70
Retired Director of HR 
McKesson Corp
M: Political Science and English

Steve Burrows '74 
Retired CEO
Anheuser-Busch International, Inc
M: Geography; m: History

Mr. Aaron Feggestad '03 
Senior Scientist and Associate 
Stantec Consulting Services, Inc
M: Geography/Environmental Studies

Tim Fixmer '75 
CCI Media
M: Psychology; m: Art

Steve Gillman '73 
Retired SVP - Human Resources and Administration
Rust-Oleum Corporation
M: English

Kerri Grawe '83
Director of Sales
Davidson, North Carolina, United States
M: Biology; m: Professional Business

Kristopher Hanson '96 
Linder & Marsack SC
M: Political Science; m: History

Tim Hopper '88 
Committee Chairperson
Major Case Manager 
Committee Vice-Chairperson 
Sentry Insurance
M: Political Science

Ernest James '12
Associate Cancer Research Administrator 
Marshfield Clinic and Research Institute-Cancer Care and Research Center 
M: Public Policy & Administration, MBA 

Doug Kiel '05  
Assistant Professor
Department of History | Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities
Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR)
Northwestern University
M: American Indian Studies, History

Dean Kleyn '87
Sales Director
M: Psychology; m: Human Resources Management

Dr. Kurt Krummel '96
Director of Sequencing Platforms
M: Biology; m: Chemistry

Dave Lang '73 
Lang Dental Manufacturing Co., Inc.
M: Biology; m: Chemistry

Amos Malone '15, MSE '17
Committee Vice Chairperson
Deputy Clerk 
United States District Court, 
Western District of Wisconsin 
M: Criminology, MSE Professional Development

Crystal McClain '03
Founder and President
Revive Youth & Family Services
M: Social Work, MSW

Don Meyer '69 MSE '74 
Retired Psychologist
Family Resources Associates 
M: Psychology; MSE: School Psychology 

Michael Mitchell '70
Retired International Tourism (various) 
Program Coordinator 
Briarpatch Youth Service 
M: Geography & History, MAT '93

Larry Neuman
Retired Professor Emeritus, Sociology 
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
M: Sociology

Jan Peebles '79
Retired Research and Development Manager
M: Mathematics and Chemistry

Timothy G. Sparks '80
Director of Regulatory Affairs
UW ICTR UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health
M: Biology and Chemistry

Tom Van De Bogart '74 
Retired Director of Finance   

M: Political Science; m: Sociology 

Diane Welsh '84 
Pines Bach, LLP
M: Marketing

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