College of Arts and Communication


In order to assure the continued development and excellence of its personnel, the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater employs a program to invest in professional development and professional travel opportunities. This program is not intended to be used as support for research materials, supplies, or equipment; separate funding should be sought for these research expenses. A campus funded Professional Development Fund pool will be made available on an annual basis to each UW-Whitewater division for distribution during the fiscal year. Faculty, Academic Staff and Classified Permanent and Project employees are eligible to receive funds to be used toward professional development. At a minimum, faculty will be eligible for funding of $1,000, academic staff $500, and classified staff $250 in professional development funds.

While the campus will be providing funds for professional development, it is not expected that these will represent the entirety of professional development expenses. These funds are intended to supplement divisional funds. The amount allocated by the campus will remain constant but the allocation distribution will be revised yearly based on actual FTE (greater than .50 FTE only). Funding will be administered and distributed by division heads or their designees (deans, directors). Assignment of any designees should be clearly communicated to avoid confusion during the approval process.

Guidelines and forms coming soon. Contact Bob Mertens with any questions.

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