College of Arts and Communication


Prue Thomas, MAGD student

Prue Thomas is majoring in MAGD with an emphasis in Gaming Technology and a minor in Computer Science. His love of video games and art led him to UW-Whitewater.

What made you choose the field of Media Arts and Game Development?
“My love of video games and art led me to this field. I always wanted to learn how to make a video game, but I didn’t quite know how to start. In my junior year of high school, I took a game design class and not only did I find myself liking it, but I also found out that programming was seemingly one of my strongest skills.”

Why did you choose UW-Whitewater?
“I chose Whitewater because I wanted to leave Illinois, but be close enough to home in case I get homesick or something goes wrong.”

Share a project with us?
“The project I want to share is a project I completed for my game development class. It was a lengthy process to get to the final product by with my determination and Professor Nick Hwang helping me, I was really happy with how it turned out. It’s not a full-fledged game quite yet, so I may go back and fully finish it someday.”"

What do you love most about the MAGD program at UW-Whitewater?
“The experience is what I love most about MAGD. I get to learn something new every day - new techniques, new coding languages, new ways to improve my design – it’s endless.”

What do you hope to do after graduation?
“What will I do after graduation? Loaded question… I’m not quite sure just yet, there are so many things to choose from.”

What was your favorite class to date?
“Definitely game development with Nick Hwang. If anyone’s reading this, it may seem intimidating at first, but learning C# (and other languages as well, but C# is the main one for this class) and asking questions will go a very long way. Don’t be afraid, if you put in the effort, you’ll have fun designing your own games, but make sure to allocate time for it because game development is time consuming.”

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