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Student Employment

Why work?

Many students benefit from working part-time while going to college.  Student employment is a great way to assist with paying for the cost to attend college and helps students develop skills and gain work experience for future success in the career world.  Working part-time helps students improve their time-management and organizational skills.  Studies show that students who work part time in college perform better academically and are more likely to stay in school compared to those students who do not work at all.

Eligibility & Requirements

Students must be enrolled at least half time or have been accepted for such enrollment for any on-campus employment.  The most common types of positions available are Federal Work-Study positions and Regular Payroll positions. Students are limited to 25 hours a week during periods of enrollment.

Students on foreign student visas (F-1's) are eligible for on-campus Regular Student Payroll positions only and are restricted to 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment.

Students awarded Work-Study who are not on the payroll by October 1st will lose their funding, unless the Financial Aid Office has been notified of the students intention to seek employment at a later date.

Prior to any student employment on campus, students must have a completed I-9 Form on file, along with a photo ID and a copy of their Social Security card, Birth Certificate or Visa.

Federal Work-Study Employment

Federal Work-Study is a need-based aid program that is awarded to students who have submitted their FAFSA by the priority date and have demonstrated financial need.  This program is available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States.  Work-study earnings are considered taxable income and treated just like any other employment when completing tax returns.  Work-study earnings are not considered as income when you re-apply for financial aid the next year and are not subject to FICA withholdings.

Federal Work-Study employment is performed on campus (except for America Reads) with work schedules set up around classes.  Students who receive a Federal Work-Study allocation as a part of the financial aid package are eligible to apply for work-study jobs.  Students can earn up to the amount listed on their Award Letter.  These funds can be earned at any time during theacademic  year, i.e., you could earn your entire award in one semester.  Jobs can be found by accessing Handshake. Before applying for jobs which require Work-Study, please verify you were awarded Work-Study by accessing your award information on WINS.

Proceeds from Federal Work-Study employment are paid with funds directly deposited to the student's savings or checking account based on their number of hours worked and are not automatically subtracted from the student bill.

Regular Student Payroll

These positions are also listed on Handshake and students do not need to have work study or display financial need to apply.

All on-campus students are paid with funds directly deposited to their savings or checking accounts based on their number of hours worked.

Food Service

The private company with the contract to provide food services to UW-Whitewater hires approximately 225 students each year to work in the dining halls and for its catering service. Employment with Dining Services on campus is not eligible for work-study. 


Several local companies also hire students for part-time employment.  All openings are posted on Handshake. Students on foreign student visas (F-1's) are not eligible for off-campus employment without special permission.


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