Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have certain rights and responsible which are important to understand when receiving financial aid. 

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Financial Aid is based on enrollment status.  It is important to notify the Financial Aid Office when enrollment status changes.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students are required to comply with UW-Whitewater's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy in order to maintain their eligibility to be considered for financial aid.

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If a student wishes to withdraw from the university, there are a few variables to take into account in regards to financial aid.

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Special Circumstances

There are some circumstances that can cause a change to finacial aid, including changes to your financial situation and potential tax liabilities.

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Code of Conduct

Students and their families increasingly rely on loans to finance a college education. As a result, the Financial Aid Office staff are committed to providing that assistance in an objective, fair, clear, and understandable manner.

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