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WebEx Teams

Webex Teams

Webex Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that provides seamless engagement for students, faculty, and staff via an application that can be downloaded to a computer, mobile device, or accessed via we browser. Webex Teams is ideal for projects that require continuous team engagement, context, and persistent history, such as committees, course group work, student organizations, department projects, and more! Webex Teams simplifies collaboration by incorporating three ways to interact in one location: video meetings, group messaging, and file sharing. 


  • Ongoing Collaboration - Create unique "spaces" for small group collaboration for classes, study groups or student organizations.
  • Easy to Share - The messenger function gives you the ability to take screen shots, send attachments and collaborate on the fly wherever you are.
  • Stay on Schedule - Link your Outlook Calendar to schedule meetings directly through Webex Teams.
  • Create a Digital Dialogue - Students can video chat with instructors, collaborate on group projects, and maintain active communication throughout the semester.
  • On the Record - Your group chats, video calls, document uploads and whiteboard notes can all be saved and stored for later use

To get started using WebEx Teams, you can download it here:

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