Information Technology Services

Network Connectivity (Wired and Wireless)

Network Connectivity enables you to access services beyond your individual computer, whether that’s the printer down the hall, the server running your critical application, or an internet webpage.

To ensure the security of the UW-W network and compliance with UWSA policies, ITS, in consultation with campus leadership and the campus community, will implement ongoing enhancements to the wired and wireless networks.




Network Connectivity Features

  • Provide a safe computing environment with posture-checking and authentication when connecting to the network.

  • Over 2,000 Wireless Access Points across the Whitewater and Rock campuses, including outdoor areas and parking lots.

  • Fiber optic cables between buildings, campuses, and the internet provide high-speed access and throughput.

Getting Started with Network Connectivity


Wired Connectivity 

Wired connectivity is the standard method of connecting stationary equipment such as desktop computers, printers, etc. to the campus network. Wired connectivity is provided for university-owned equipment in academic and administrative buildings on campus, and in the Innovation Center. Wired connectivity is provided to students in the residence halls through ResNET.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless network connectivity is provided for convenience and mobility for laptops and other mobile devices. Wireless network access is available in all of the major academic and administrative areas, as well as outdoor areas on campus. Wireless is intended to augment the wired network and is not intended to replace a wired network connection for stationary equipment, including laptops in administrative settings. 

Wireless networking on campus is funded primarily through Student Technology Fee and focuses on providing general student access. Wireless performance is not guaranteed in administrative settings. For applications of wireless networking in instructional or administrative settings (classrooms or offices), please contact the Help Desk to initiate a consultation. Employees will need up-to-date antivirus software to utilize campus network services, including Wi-Fi from a personal computer.

How-To Guides and Training

Wi-Fi Self-Service Access

Campus guests can easily connect to UW-Whitewater's Wi-Fi network by creating a temporary guest account. Once connected, guests will have 12 hours of access. 

Wi-Fi Sponsored Accounts

When bringing visitors to campus, you may sponsor guest accounts for them through the portal at by completing the form. This is the preferred solution for creating guest accounts because they are available for use right away. 

For events with a large number of attendees, you may request guest accounts in bulk by submitting a Bulk Wi-Fi Guest Account Request. ITS requests 4 weeks lead time for bulk guest account creation. 

Computer Guest Access Accounts

If you have a guest attending an event, camp or conference at UW-Whitewater who needs access to lab and/or classroom computer, you may request access by submitting a Computer Guest Access Request. Computer guest accounts may remain active for up to seven days. 

How-To Guides and Training

Network Jack Activation

UW-Whitewater employees can submit a request to activate, deactivate, move, or install a network jack. There is no charge to move or deactivate a network jack. There is a $175 charge for a new jack activation. Requested network jacks will be activated within 3-10 business days.

New Networked Device

If you are considering a new device to connect to the wired or wireless network, please submit a request for evaluation through ServiceNow before purchasing the device.

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