Source: Office of the Chancellor 


 The following policy has been established to ensure that the service of alcoholic beverages at the university is in compliance with all state and federal laws. The policy also reflects the university's philosophy that the service of alcoholic beverages must promote and encourage the responsible use of alcohol. 

 2.0 POLICY 

 2.1 The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on university premises, except as expressly permitted by the Chancellor (or designate) as defined in this policy, in accordance with s. UWS 18.09, Wis. Adm. Code . Without exception, alcohol consumption is governed by Wisconsin Statute Chapter 125. 

 2.2 The University Food Service Contractor shall act as the authorized agent for the University and provide all alcoholic beverage sales and services for the campus. The only exception is the Director of the Young Auditorium is authorized to select a licensed provider of their choice for alcoholic beverage sales and services for events in the Young Auditorium.

 2.3 The Chancellor has established the following designees to administer and interpret the Alcohol Beverage Service Policy; the Executive Director of the James R. Connor University Center for the James R. Connor University Center, academic buildings and university grounds and the Director of the Young Auditorium for the Young Auditorium. The Chief of Police is the designee assigned to determine appropriate methods to be used for monitoring the distribution and consumption of alcohol at various events as referred to in section 2.9. 

 2.4 Alcoholic beverages will be served only at such times and conditions consistent with local, state, and federal regulations governing such service. 

 2.5 Non-alcoholic beverages and food, including non-salted items, which have been provided within the parameters of the University Dining Contract, must be available where alcoholic beverages are served. It is the responsibility of the sponsor, under the guidance of the authorized university designee (as defined in 2.3) to ensure that when alcohol is being served, food will be made available to the attendees. The appropriate amounts of food and beverage are to be available for the anticipated attendance. 

 2.6 All alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the designated area in which they are sold, catered, or served. 

 2.7 The "carry in" or "carry out" of any type of alcoholic beverages to or from activities or programs is prohibited. The sponsoring department or authorizing university administrative designee (see 2.3) may further restrict "carry in" or "carry out" of all beverages. 

 2.8 Sponsors of functions that permit attendance of underage individuals, under the guidance of the authorized university designee (see 2.3), must make adequate provisions to monitor the consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

 2.9 Events where alcoholic beverages will be served must allow for monitoring of distribution of alcohol. Sponsors are responsible for coordinating this with campus police and for any costs needed to monitor the distribution of alcoholic beverages during events. Appropriate methods for monitoring the distribution of alcoholic beverages will be determined by the Chief of University Police. 

 2.10 The co-sponsorship of programs by an alcoholic beverage vendor must be in compliance with the campus Corporate Sponsorship Policy. The promotion of alcoholic beverages through reduced cost is prohibited on campus. Any promotional signage must emphasize the event and the sponsorship must be secondary. 

 2.11 State and federal laws prohibit the resale of alcoholic beverages for profit except by the licensee and tax stamp holder. 

 2.12 Alcoholic beverages will be served or sold only by a certified bartender on a by the drink basis (16 oz. maximum) except that wines by the bottle or carafe and alcoholic punches may be furnished at appropriate functions. Exceptions to this policy may be approved by the appropriate university designee (see 2.3). 

 2.13 The practice of tailgating, which may include the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by individuals of legal drinking status, is allowed in university-designated areas in conjunction with organized Intercollegiate Athletic events. 

 2.14 During University related events, where alcohol is provided, each University employee who consumes alcohol must consider themselves "off the clock" (not working) and not return to work while under the influence of alcohol. Employees attending and performing official university roles should not consume alcohol. 


 3.1 As part of the campus reservation process, an individual must be designated as the sponsor for the event. If alcohol is to be served, this sponsor will be required to sign a copy of this alcohol policy, indicating an understanding and acceptance of the stated university alcoholic beverage policy. The sponsor is responsible for obtaining the signature of the university police chief or designee and then showing this signed copy of the policy to University Dining prior to making arrangements for the disbursement of alcohol. 

 3.2 It is the responsibility of the licensed alcohol provider and their employees to make proper identification of persons eligible to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. The type of identification required will be an official state photo I.D., valid passport or a driver's license with picture. 

 3.3 Bartenders employed to serve/sell alcoholic beverages will be at least the minimum age required by state statute and possess a bartender's certification. A licensed bartender needs to be in attendance at all events in which alcohol is served. 


 4.1 Individuals or groups that sponsor functions in university facilities must be provided the alcoholic beverage policy and guidelines. Sponsors must accept responsibility for monitoring behavior and adhering to the university alcoholic beverage policy. The sponsors must accept financial responsibility for any theft, damage or vandalism associated with the sponsored event. 

 4.2 Sponsors are expected to maintain responsible standards concerning the use of alcoholic beverages at the event. Any use leading to offensive behavior or disorderly conduct may result in the immediate dismissal of service to the individual(s) involved and/or to the sponsoring group. Further disciplinary action may be taken if necessary (via UWS Chapter 17 or criminal action). In addition, future events may be modified and/or facility use privileges may be suspended for a period of time. Any repeated violation will be cause for facility use denials as well as recommended sanctions. 

 4.3 Sponsors are responsible to ensure that advertisement of events where alcohol will be served shall follow current university posting policies. 

 4.4 Sponsors are responsible to ensure that events where alcohol will be served shall follow current university special event policy.

As amended August 2013