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Pathways to a Bachelor's Degree

We offer two flexible pathways to an engineering degree.

Through the Partners in Engineering Program at UW-Platteville, students can complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering without leaving the Rock County area.

Or you can significantly reduce the cost of your education by starting your degree at Rock through our Associate of Arts and Sciences pre-engineering emphasis — and completing your bachelor’s degree in engineering at many other institutions through the Pre-Professional Engineering program.


Why study Engineering at UW-Whitewater at Rock County?

Our programs combine an exceptional educational experience at an affordable cost. Explore our engineering options below.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most versatile fields in engineering. Mechanical engineers are involved in many aspects of the engineering process such as design, development, manufacturing, analysis and test. This field will allow you the opportunity to work in areas ranging from automotive, biomedical, special equipment, aerospace, robotics and so much more.

Mechanical Engineering salary and job outlook

  • U.S. median salary: $90,160
  • The projected percent increase in employment for Mechanical Engineering from 2020 to 2030 is 7%.

Electrical devices are everywhere in our lives. Electrical Engineers are the ones responsible for studying, designing and creating these devices.  This exciting field of engineering is always evolving as new technologies are developed.  Electrical engineers work in the traditional fields of power generation and transmission, communication systems and instrumentation.  They also work in the areas of automatic controls, circuit design, biomedical, automotive and anywhere you see an electronic device or system.

Electrical Engineering salary and job outlook

  • U.S. median salary: $103,390
  • The projected percent increase in employment for Electrical Engineering from 2020 to 2030 is 7%.

If you are interested in Civil, Industrial, Chemical or any other of the many fields of engineering, we can help put an individualized plan together just for you. This plan will be tailored to the field and the instruction that you want to transfer into.

Pre-Professional Engineering

Are you interested in getting an engineering degree but you aren’t ready to go to a four-year institution? Do you want smaller class sizes?  Are you interested in making sure you get your degree with as little debt as possible?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should seriously consider starting your engineering degree at UW-Whitewater at Rock County! We offer the classes that you will need for the first two years of your degree.

Transfer Options

Your Pre-Professional Engineering Program at Rock will allow you to easily transfer into engineering programs throughout the UW System and other private institutions.  Below is a list of the more popular fields of engineering and the four-year institutions that you can transfer to. 

'X' denotes service availability at selected campus.
 Institution Electrical Mechanical Civil Industrial Chemical
UW-Green Bay X X      
UW-Madison X X X X X
UW-Milwaukee X X X X  
UW-Platteville X X X  
UW-Stout   X      


By starting at UW-Whitewater at Rock County and completing two years of your degree, you can significantly reduce the cost of your education. On average you can save 34% compared to a four-year institution.

Engineering jobs and internships

Rock County and the surrounding communities have many great opportunities for engineering students. Below is a sample of some of the companies where students have obtained internships, co-ops and employment.

ANGI Energy Systems, LLC
Chrysler Corporation, Belvidere plant
Collins Aerospace
Johnson Health Tech
Lavelle Industries, Inc.
Morgan Corporation
PM Plastics Company
Prent Corporation
Promega Corporation
Spacesave Corporation
SSI Technologies, LLC
United Alloy Inc.

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