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Alliance offers a safe place for al l students to relax and feel comfortable. The club provides information and accessibility for students to gain know ledge and understanding of the LGBTQ+ Community.  The club sponsors the Break the Silence Ball for students and the public. For more information contact advisor Dr. Eric Stoner.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Club founded in 2004 provides students who are curious about all manner of geek culture an outlet to further explore and broaden their interests.  It serves as a social support network for students who enjoy role-playing games, card and board games, video games, comics, movies, and all types of science fiction and fantasy.  Members learn teamwork, communication and collaboration.  For more information contact advisor Brian Duckwitz.

The Rock Cam pus College Democrats support the candidates and philosophy of the Democratic Party. All students are welcome to participate. The Club works to increase participation of college students in Democratic affairs.  Education and training in areas of the Democratic Party agenda; election of local, state, and national candidate; and affecting local, state, and national political change is available.  For more information contact advisor Mark Fuller.

The Digital Arts Club is open to any student interested in digital art opportunities such as digital painting, photo editing, audio editing, etc. The club offers a space to learn skills necessary to be a successful digital artist whether as a hobby or future career.  Field trips to digital art programs offered.  For more information contact advisor David McKay

The Green Scene works to provide a network of environmental and social information that reaches out to local com munities through act ion and education. Stu dents can participate in activities such as planting trees, gardening, campus and community clean-up, environmental lectures, and other activities that meet the club's mission. For more information contact advisors Amy Burns and Bob McCallister

An arena for literary and visual arts through publication of the Rock River Review, the annual campus literary magazine and RockRiverReview.com. Students learn how to develop a magazine from start to finish picking what will be published, editing the publication, and designing the cover. Features include short fiction, poetry, essays, prose poems, musical scores, photography, illustrations, and other media for print.  Students also compete in the Community College Humanities Association Literary Magazine Competition. For more information contact advisor  Ken Brosky.

Provides fellowship on campus and is open to all students.  Intervarsity aims to equip students with leadership and personal growth opportunities.  Weekly meetings are held for conversation, study and prayer.  Intervarsity hosts a school­ wide spring Scavenger Hunt and pizza party as well as opportunities to attend leadership conferences.  For more information contact advisor Lannette Calhoun

The purpose of the club is to represent the Latino community of UWW Rock and to share the Latino Culture with all students and staff.  LatinX welcomes students and other University campus individuals interested in Latino culture. The club coordinates two events on campus: Dia De Los Muertos Ball (Day of the Dead Ball); and Cinco de Mayo celebration activities.  The club also collaborates with other clubs to plan a Culture Week in the spring semester.   For more information contact student life coordinator Janine Peterson or Molly Cook

MSU is a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive group for all students.  The goal is to provide a safe environment to discuss multicultural events and explore different cultural events together. For more information contact advisor Nick French.

The University of Wisconsin-Rock County campus offers many opportunities to pursue your interests in music. If you played an instrument in high school and you would like to continue for fun or professionally, check out these options: Choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, campus musicals, and solo or small group music recitals. For more information contact Jeff Suarez

The Performing Arts and Lecture programming fulfills the only lecture outlet for Rock Campus students, faculty, and staff.  Bringing a big name group or entertainer to campus is also part of the group’s responsibility.  The comedian Pete Lee was the most recent entertainer to perform on campus.  Decisions on the lectures and performances are made by the committee which consists of faculty, staff and students.  For more information contact Jeff Suarez

PTK has recognized academic excellence in the two year colleges since 1918 and is the largest, most prestigious two year college honor societies in the world. The Rock Campus Chapter is open to all students (not just PTK members). The club focuses on leadership development and coordination of an important campus tradition, the fall and spring Tutoring Extravaganzas held before finals week.  National Organization membership criteria include: completion of at least 12 credit hours of university level coursework at the Rock campus, cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.5, and full rights of citizenship in the United States. For more information contact advisors Kim Kostka or Tom Klubertanz.

The chess club’s purpose is to gather and enjoy the art and fellowship of playing chess.  Any student is welcome.  The club shares a wide variety of skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced levels.  For more information contact Nick French

The purpose of the organization is to promote a better understanding of the sport of fencing, provide an outlet for those interested in the sport of fencing, and to just have fun. Members may participate in fencing drills, bouts and various exhibitions. Two regional tournaments take place in the spring bringing over 80 fencers from Appleton, Chicago, Green Bay, Rockford, Madison, Milwaukee, and the Twin Cities. Almost no high schools in Wisconsin have fencing programs so the club provides students with what is usually their first exposure to an excellent sport.  For more information contact Brian Duckwitz.

Sigma Delta Mu is the National Honor Society for Hispanic Studies for two-year colleges and has its foundation in Sigma Delta Pi, the nation’s largest honor society in the field of foreign language.  The purpose is to honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language, literature, and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples.  Students must meet specific grade point average criteria and be invited for membership.  For more information contact advisor  Nate Maddux

The Rock Campus Chapter is educational and community focused with the goal to empower the residents of Rock County through literacy. SKD engages the student body in activities such as National Day on Writing, Banned Books Week, and National Poetry Month. They run collaborative projects with Head Start, Rock River Charter School, and Rock University High School. Any student can participate. National Organization criteria: 3.3 overall GPA and a grade of no less than a B in all English courses taken. For more information contact advisor John Pruitt

The Rock Campus Student Government represents Rock Campus enrolled students in all matters pertaining to student life in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5). SGA offers leadership opportunities for students on campus. Representatives allocate and administer funds to student organizations; appoint and approve student representatives to all committees; receive student petitions, requests or suggestions; ratify student organizations and facilitate communication between students and the administration. For more information contact advisor Janine Peterson

Ever have a desire to take on the big questions?  The challenge is best approached with the help of great company.  Look no further than Socrates Café, a weekly gathering of people from many diverse backgrounds with an aim at answering some of the most intimidating philosophical problems.  Come join us in our pursuit of true knowledge, and bring your own questions about our universe to be addressed.  For more information contact advisor  Richard Hanson.

The Rock Campus Theatre and Performing Arts Association is open to any student interested in any aspect of theatrical production including performance, technical theatre or management. Along with the hands on education and opportunity students receive through participation students across the university are able to be entertained and inspired by what is produced.  Two productions are offered each year along with workshops and other resources for students. For more information contact advisor Trevor Rees

place where veterans on campus can come together to discuss events, personal issues, current veterans issues affecting them and get needed peer support. Possible activities may include conducting community outreach and bringing education and awareness to those on campus interested in learning about current issues that affect veterans. For more information contact Kristin Fillhouer

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