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Policy Manual

Required Training Topics for Student Employees

All student employees must be informed of the following topics:

  • Student Employee Handbook - Employment in every student position on the UW-Whitewater Campus is conditional on acknowledgment and adherence to the applicable policies outlines in the Student Employment Policy Handbook.
  • Campus and Departmental Emergency Procedures - Each student employee should be informed of what to do in an emergency.  The UW-Whitewater Emergency Guide provides each department with an overview of campus emergency procedures.  For more information, manager should consult with University Police Department.
  • Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect - All UW-Whitewater employees, including student employees, are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect ( Executive Order #54). All student employees must be informed of this requirement and made aware of the steps to take should they become aware of child abuse and neglect. Any employees of UW-Whitewater, including all student employees, should not delay making a report in order to gather evidence; the authority receiving the report will determine whether such an investigation is warranted. A report must be made personally or by telephone to the UW-Whitewater Police Department, County Department of Human Services, or to law enforcement.
  • Famly Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - Certain student employment positions require that students have access to other students' record information. All University employees, including student employees, must abide by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment) and other confidentiality provisions for state and federal law. The amendment states: 
    • Employees are authorized to access only the student record information that is necessary to preform their job functions.
    • Employees are not allowed to look at and/or communicate to others student record information other than what is necessary to preform their job functions.
    • Failure to comply with this law will result in University disciplinary action.

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