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SUF Information For Department Representative

The following departmental expenses are eligible for SUF funding

UW System Policy -  UW System Administrative Policy 820 - Segregated University Fees (formerly F50):

Expenditures relating to the operations and activities of student organizations, student health services, day care centers, union student center, parking utility, stadium-arena, intramurals, and other student services for:

    1. Salaries for student and other UW staff where related to the activity and in accordance with existing institutional and state wage rates and employment procedures. Payments shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the UW System Financial and Administrative Policy UW System Administrative Policy 235 - Personal Services Payment (formerly F31) on "Personal Services Payments."
    2. Professional services.
    3. Facilities, equipment, personal services, and supplies. Organization membership fees in other related and nonprofit organizations. 
    4. Debt service.

For additional information, see Board of Regents Policy - Guidelines for Student Governance (30-3)


Contingency Request Form

Contingency Funding Resquests can only be made for funding needs for the current year.  Please fill out the CONNECT form to submit your request.  Depending upon the amount requested, SUFAC will review the request at the weekly SUFAC Advisory meetings or monthly SUFAC meetings.

Budget Line Item Transfer Request

Please use this form when requesting a move of your approved funding from one line in your budget to another.  As your budget was approved with spending in specific catergories, as a rule money can only be moved to another line item for which you are already funded.