What is SUFAC?

Take a look at a student bill sometime. Ever notice the line at the bottom that says "student segregated fees"? What does that mean? These are the fees that fund a number of the activities, programs, and student organizations on campus. (For a breakdown of these fees, click here.)

That's the 'SUF', but what about the 'AC'? It stands for Allocation Committee, the committee that decides how those segregated university fees are spent. The committee consists of nine students; one from each of the UW-Whitewater colleges, three from Whitewater Student Government (WSG), and one from the Resident Hall Association, and two staff advisors; one from Student Affairs and the other from the Budget Office. Together they review SUF requests, and submit a budget for WSG, the Chancellor, and ultimately the UW System Board of Regents to approve. In order to utilize these funds, you will need to submit a SUF budget request to SUFAC for review and approval.

Kane Poad
  SUFAC Chair
Mitch Hartwig
SUFAC Vice Chair
Rep for COBE
Jake Mende
Vice Chair Ed Outreach
Amy Grycowski
Rep for COEPS 
John Bermeo
Rep for RHA
Sean Spangard
Pasan Samaranayake
Rep for L&S
Kimberly Wethal
Rep for A&C
Chrissy Smith
Brent Bilodeau