SUF Information For Student Organizations

Is your organization eligible for SUF funding?

The following organizations are INELIGIBLE for SUF funding:

  1. Those that restrict membership, including but not limited to the following ways:  academic status; major and/or minor; sex, race, religion, color, creed, national heritage, age, marital status, sexual preference, income level or source and handicap.
  2. Social fraternities or sororities.
  3. Honorary professional, or academic related organizations.

For additional information, please see  Board of Regents Policy - Guidelines for Student Governance (30-3) and UW System Policy -  Segregated University Fees (F50).


New Organization Application

This form is to be used if you are a new student organization applying for Segregated University Fees (SUF).   You will provide information about the service your organization provides, the population it serves, how your organization will provide service, etc.  This form must accompany your budget request; a completed form is of utmost importance to avoid a delay in processing the request.

Application/Budget Request

Please complete the form in its entirety.  The "2015-16 Membership" line is for the number of members in your organization.   Enter the amount of funds requested for each line item; if there is a line item for which you do not require funds, leave it blank.  The Miscellaneous expense line should be used only when an expense does not fit elsewhere.  A note explaining the need for miscellaneous budget should be included.  The Receipts area is for any potential income other than SUF (e.g., fund-raising, matching dollars, sales).  The Allocation Requested is the Total Expenditures minus the Receipts.

General Education Program

If you have multiple Department (Organization) Codes, please complete a separate Budget Request form for each one.  If you have not previously received SUF funds, you will not enter anything into the "2015-16 Approved" column.

Carry Over

The Carryover Request Form should only be completed for any current year allocated budget exceeding $100 which has not been spent.  Anything under $100 automatically carries over into the next year.