UW-Whitewater Sustainability

UW-Whitewater Sustainability


  • Nov 8

    Halloween is a fun-filled holiday full of candy, costumes, and decorations. These are the things that make it the most fun, but sustainability is often not taken into account durin...

  • Oct 15

    Sustainability in The Residence Halls
    Living in the residence halls for my first two years of college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater was a wake-up call to the reality of energy consumption. A wake-up call th...

  • Jun 24

    Reflections on Arbor Day 2021: Looking to the Future
    By Jarrett DeBruin, Sustainability Office Gardens and Grounds Intern It was a sunny day last April 30. The sky was blue with soft clouds drifting through the troposphere, a cool br...

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