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Majors and Minors

Environmental Science Major

UW-Whitewater's Environmental Science major prepares you to face the challenges of a changing world. Your courses will give you a strong and diverse foundation for a rewarding "green career" in the future.  The checksheet for this major is available for students to review the classes available for each track to compare the differences.  Focus on your area of interest by choosing one of three track emphases and review the Major Planning Guides for each to identify which program fits your interest the best.

Environmental Studies Minor

This minor is based in the Geography-Geology-Environmental Science Department (Facebook) and offers students with a solid foundation of understanding the natural environment and how humans interact with it and allows students to choose areas of interest among Physical and Human Environment courses.  The minor is rounded out with courses on techniques for examining and measuring the environment.  View the checksheet here.

Environmental Management Minor

A major responsibility of occupational safety and environmental health staff is to manage environmental hazards created by operational and procedural processes at industrial and manufacturing facilities. This minor will introduce environmental management concepts to the students and prepare them to be successful in those environmental management responsibilities.

Environmental Science Licensure for Education Majors

Students within the Bachelors of Elementary and Secondary Education can acquire an Environmental Sciences license following coursework similar to the Environmental Studies Minor.

Integrated Science-Business BBA Major with Water Emphasis

UW-Whitewater offers an opportunity to enroll in a unique interdepartmental major that combines the excitement of science with business management expertise, giving students the skills needed to contribute to Wisconsin's leadership in the business and science of water.  This major can be taken either as a Bachelor of Science (checksheet - four year plan) or as a Bachelor of Business Administration (checksheet).

Water Business Minor

The Water Business Minor offers business students the tools to gather and synthesize information from several disciplines, to formulate socially, ecologically and economically rational alternatives to water quality, quantity and availability issues, and to implement effectively a wide variety of water-based programs and initiatives.View the checksheet here.

Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

This certificate offered through the Department of Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology (Facebook) will help students learn to critically evaluate how leadership in corporations act responsibly (or irresponsibly) in relationship to the environment, community, consumer, employee, government, non-government entities, and other stakeholders and members of the public. Students will be able to describe and apply the basic ethical principles for business.  Students will also be able to name and understand a number of ways individuals and organizations impact the environment.  The goal will be to use this knowledge and implement the scientific method to solve a problem related to CSR.